DISMANIBUS: Stream Their Debut Album “The Old Lie” Right Here!

Melodic death metal might have gotten over used by now and if you listen to some of the newer melodeath acts, it just sounds like a copy of the older classic bands or just plain boring. This is not the case with Colchester (UK) act Dismanibus. They offer something creative to the table of death metal and they are definitely not boring. Their music will definitely make you headbang, mosh, raise hell and have a good laugh. More importantly, they are a great live act having performed at various venues in Colchester. The most recent appearances being at the University of Essex’s end of year party called “The End” at which they performed to a horde of moshing students (check out footage of that gig here), while a few days ago they performed at the first MetalRecusants sponsored event with the mighty Praesepe and Coronach.

The band have just released their debut album The Old Lie and we are giving you the opportunity to stream the album in full right here! Give the digital numbers below a spin, you won’t regret it. And who knows, you might just do the Crab Stomp while listening to it. (Those who have seen the band live should understand what I’m talking about)

Dismanibus - Old Lie Cover

Dismanibus are:
Ben Hargreaves – Vocals
Simon Reeves – Guitar
Peter Fitzgerald – Guitar
Will Price – Bass & Backing Vocals
Joshua Moreton – Drums

Dismanibus band

More Dismanibus:


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