STILL FALLING: Streaming “The Red Giant” Off Upcoming EP. [Exclusive]

Still Falling, a five-piece progressive/technical death metal act from Athens, Greece have just announced to us (and to MetalRecusants only!) that they will be releasing their new EP The Three Suns this summer through Spreading Dysphoria Industries. The EP’s artwork, which was made by Manthos Stergiou (Tardive Dyskinesia, Lunatic Medlar, Zmerna) can be viewed below. Mixing and mastering duties are being taken care of by Steve Lado (Tardive Dyskinesia)

But that’s not all! The band supplied us with a Soundcloud link to a web-mix of “The Red Giant”, which will be a part of the said EP. So what are you waiting for? Get clicking, listening and headbanging.

Still Falling - The Three Suns

According to the band, they turned to a more atmospheric and progressive approach to their style, blending sharp and progressive riffing with a tight and groovy rhythm section, completing the musical landscape with trippy and atmospheric melodies throughout the songs.

Get The Three Suns this summer via Spreading Dysphoria Industries. Check out Still Falling on Facebook.


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