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PUTRIFIED: Stream New Track [MetalRecusants Exclusive]

Posted on 28 September 2013 by Dom

Next month will see the unveiling of Putrified’s EP Sacrilegious Purification under the Hellthrasher Productions banner. All tracks and artwork are done by the band’s only member A.Death. Sacrilegious Purification is the follow up to the full-length Neurotic Necrotic (also released via Hellthrasher) and A.Death, without doubt, outdid himself. The music is deathly, raw and will instantly kill any hipster nearby. The main difference with the previous release is that this time the production is exceptional. The music remains dirty, raw and has that underground feel to it but at the same time you can enjoy it with good sound. Well done job by Devo and Oskar of Endarker Studio. The EP is out in October, so we teamed up with Hellthrasher to present you a track entitled “Sacrificial Death Salvation”. Prepare to die.

There is no need to think whether you will like this or not. Just go ahead and purchase it when it’s out via the Hellthrasher site. If you are a fan of anything remotely deathly in music, it is guaranteed that you will enjoy this. You can also listen to two other tracks off Sacrilegious Purification at the bottom of this page if this track is not enough to convince you. Support the underground!

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Putrified Sacrilegious Purification final cover

1. Sacrilegious Purification
2. Pestilentialis
3. Sacrificial Death Salvation
4. This Poisoned Chalice
5. Evocatio
6. Sacred Putrefaction

More Putrified:

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