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Here’s a review of a gig that took place in Nicosia, Cyprus on 27th December 2010 with three Cypriot acts: Shut ’em Down, Vomitile and Blynd.

Perfect line-up for a Cypriot metal gig. Maybe the only thing missing was a power/heavy metal band such as Prodigal Earth. Overall, it was a great show with great stage presence from all three participating groups.
The opener and replacement for Level7 Shut ’em Down is a promising newcomer in the Cyprus  scene performing a mix of stoner/heavy metal with some bluesy and even thrashy elements. Their cover of Black Sabbath reminded me of the way Vader perform this song – awesome low tuning which adds to the spookiness of this classic. It was the second time I witnessed their awesome performance (although this time with a new drummer) and I’m already looking forward to their hell raising at their Rolling Stone gig in Limassol next week – hopefully with a longer set! Oh, one more thing… Shut ’em Down, I want an album out soon!
Vomitile: well… the only thing you can say is DEATH FUCKING METAL – which is also written on their new T-shirt that I proudly purchased that night. It was the first time my brother watched these Cypriot  tyrants and I must agree with him that Vomitile have great rythm sections – the bass and drums are just insanely killer. Without doubt, there are some Sepultura influences when you listen closely to the bass. Their set was a mix of old songs and classics of theirs such as Satan’s Abyss or Bound To Shit. There was also time for new songs (sorry I don’t remember the titles… I only heard bleurgh bleurgh from Yiannis -the vocalist- when he was announcing the new tracks. No offence dude). Nevertheless, they sounded really promising and hopefully we will be able to get our hands on Vomitile’s new material on disc some time soon! If you haven’t heard of them please check them out on their myspace – they will blow your brains out!
The headliner of the night BLYND did not disappoint either. The Cypriot  and  band presented their new album The Enemy but that was not all as we also got the chance to hear a new track that will be included in the next (third) album. Obviously, as most headliners, Blynd got the warmest crowd reception of the night. Their show displayed their tremendous stage presence. What impressed me most was Constantinos’s guitar solos. However, the second (and new) guitarist’s effects were not so impressive and his solos were too squeaky in my opinion. Apart from that it was a perfect show and covers of Laid To Rest and Imperium made it an even more enjoyable experience. Although they are claimed to be a  band I could recognise some Iron Maiden influences in the guitar melodies. Keep on rocking guys and I wish you all the best in promoting yourselves in Europe!

For all of you that are not familiar yet with the mighty Blynd:

Vomitile’s new song Warcult:

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