Groove F*cking Metal

Day one of the Rolling Metal Feast that took place in Rolling Stone, Limassol on 3rd January 2011:

Frozen Illusion: being me, I will avoid negativity in my critisism so I will begin by saying that I appreciate the work that these guys put into keeping this band together and, most importantly, for keeping it . This young Cypriot band plays a mix of everything to be honest and this is what I appreciated most. They presented us a mix of their songs –Queen of Chaos – and covers – Breaking The Law. Some negative comments now. (or suggestions…?) In my opinion the vocalist should stick to his brutal death metal vocals – they suit him better. Also, the rythm sections should be improved… :)

The second band was the band that I, personally, was looking forward to most (and probably most of the crowd as most of the headbanging was done during that one  hour). Shut ‘Em Down the Cypriot  group. Some fans even held a banner with: “Shut ‘Em Down – Groove F*cking Metal”. Interestingly, the week before we had Vomitile‘s Death Fucking Metal and now Groove. There’s a lot of f*cing being done in Cyprus it seems! Anyways, getting back to the show, I must say that I was disappointed as I expected more Shut ‘Em Down tracks than covers. The musical imagination and experimentation of the band is insane, especially when songs of theirs like Smoke Weed are played. Next time I will make sure to remember more of their song titles. Covers that were played: Black SabbathImmortally InsaneSuicide Messiah andBorn to Raise Hell. The last one was dedicated to Lemmy since it was his birthday on the 24th December and rightly so the vocalist of Shut ‘Em Down called it a Christmas song.

R.C.O.: The extreme band of the night that needed more extreme sound engineering. Honestly, it was either too loud or the venue’s sound system was too weak for this fast and skull crushing . If the sound was better looked after, I am sure that it would have been a far more enjoyable experience. A promising band that I wish to see again some time in a venue that is friendly to extreme music!
Evidence for the band’s skilled extreme song-writing:

For more visit R.C.O.‘s myspace page. Listen to all of their songs – they are pretty awesome if you are into this kind of music!

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