Interview with S.D.M. frontman Low D.

In the first chapter of our warm-up to the “Metal Easter 2011” in Cyprus, we talked with Plague of Angels frontman Dave… The time has come to start the next chapter with Limassolian Sonik Death Monkey‘s frontman, Low D.

Press play and have some Monkey background music:

Dom: Initially, the band’s name was Sonic Death Monkey but in a Metal Hammer review it was misspelled to Sonik Death Monkey (S.D.M.) and that’s how it stayed from then on… Is there a meaning behind the name or was it “just a joke” as you wrote on your myspace site?

Low D.: It was probably the first name that popped out of my mouth hehe… I don’t think there is an actual meaning to the name, it just clicked. Even if you see the movie “High Fidelity” you will find that the whole “sonic death monkey” phrase was not a serious thing at all.

Dom: I heard some reviewer called your music “nu-metal” and you were not pleased with it… How would you best describe S.D.M. to someone who has never heard you before?

Low D.: Actually, I never complained about that haha… The reviewer is now a good friend and if you ask him, he will tell you that he only got “complaints” from several fans over the internet. Between me and him it’s just a joke really. People can call us whatever they feel, that’s the beauty of art anyway. In general, I feel our band is a good mixture of several styles like: Groove, Thrash/Death and Hardcore…

Dom: Could you explain to our non-Cypriot readers what “Kouttouji” metal means?

Low D.: Another inside joke hehe… it’s just a word to describe something that is too heavy to lift. We even call it Groovettouji right now hahaha…

Dom: You released a demo consisting of 3 songs in December 2010…Are there any plans for another release in the near future?

Low D.: Yes of course, we are in the process of finishing the compositions for our debut album. We will enter the studio as soon as possible I suppose. The 3-track promo is still available for free download at:

Dom: All S.D.M. members have been in other bands. You in Scotoma while Alex, Roy and Angelo played in Crash Course… Do you see S.D.M. last long?

Low D.: I‘m more frustrated about if we are putting some quality stuff out there and not how long this will last.  No one really cares how long you do something if you suck, don’t you think? WHAT you left behind you, though, is more important …some of my favourite bands for example (Sanctuary, Atrophy, Toxik, Sikth, etc.) had only 2 albums out and then split up.

Dom: S.D.M. was among the bands contending to play Metalcamp in Slovenia… Has there been any progress with that?

Low D.: That is true, thanks for asking. I wanna thank everyone who voted, even though I‘ve got an email recently, saying that we are not among the “winners”.

Dom: Is SDM promoted in any way, except the internet, in Europe, America or any other place?

Low D.: I wouldn’t say that we have any sort of promotion out there yet. Hopefully when the album comes out we will be able to make some “moves” abroad too.

Dom: Let’s put SDM away for a minute… Have you seen any film recently that you would want to recommend to us?

Low D.: A movie that popped right now in my mind, people should check it out, is “Into the Wild” (2007) …it’s like the successor of 1986’s “Stand by Me”. I really get inspired through good movies. Lately I’m more into re-discovering the movies I have seen as a kid back in the 80s. We used to have some 3-4 video clubs in our neighbourhood… so I have lots of ground to catch up hehe… I have all these images at the back of my head and I don’t even remember 1 title!

Dom: What do you think of the Cypriot metal scene and how it develops over the years? Any praise or criticism?

Low D.: It’s like you asking me how I feel about my family, ‘cause that’s the way it is, a huge metal family! Even if you have an immature cousin or a brother with bad behaviour you really cannot criticise him, can you? We are all struggling for the better and bands get mature as time goes by.  Like all the underground scenes it has some ups and downs, but the truth is that things look way better than back in the day… Some major respect I guess should go to Armageddon, the band that started this ball rolling on the island back in 1986 or so!

Dom: What do you think of Plague of Angels and Psycho Choke? Are you looking forward to the gig?

Low D.: Both are great bands, unique and really heavy/kouttouji, no compromise.  Also, I saw Psycho Choke live in ‘09 and they left me with some good impressions. You bet, I‘m looking forward to this gig. I have a lot of stress and anger to kill on that stage, man, haha… I do believe this concert is a step up for our local underground scene and I‘m really glad that metalheads truly support these kind of events!

Dom: Thanks for your time and see you soon at Kingston Rock City!

Low D.: Thank you for your interest in Sonik Death Monkey and helping to spread the “news” out there. See you in the monkey pit! Respect!

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  1. Nice interview, awesome band with good material!

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