A MetalRecusants Exclusive: FACEBREAKER Interview part II

Part II of the FaceBreaker interview with bassist Jonas Magnusson




Chris: According to Facebook, you are married. Firstly, I want to wish you all the best. How do you balance time between the band and your wife? How do you cope with touring? 

JonasThanks man, and two kids. Well, she understands how important “Facebreaker” is to me so we make it work. As far as the touring goes our parents are good babysitters so whenever we have a tour I am ready for it.

ChrisWhen you write songs; how do you put them together? (guitar first, then drums, then vocals, or do you write over lyrics? Etc..) 

JonasWe always come to the rehearsal with some riffs and ideas and together we put them into songs. We are all on the same page so we all agree if the song is worthy to be on a record. We make the music first and the we put lyrics on them. It´s easier to make the lyrics fit the music then the other way around.

Jonas Magnusson

ChrisUp to now, which live show would you say was most memorable?

JonasWell I have to say “With Full Force” open air in Germany. It was real fucking cool to stand in front of over 10000 maniacs and play our songs. And the after party was sick free booze and lots of bands to hang with.

ChrisWhat is your favourite song to perform? 

Jonas:  I don’t have a favorite, but “SoulEater” is cool to play live, and “Slowly Rotting” is also a real good live song. I enjoy to play all our songs live. they kind of get a different vibe on stage.

ChrisWhat zombie scenario are you most fond of? Dead people rising from the dead, or an outbreak of a genetically engineered virus? 

JonasI like dead people eating other people and spreading the zombie virus to create a master zombie race. Kill all, there is no escape. 

Chrishahaha Fuck yeah!!!!

Jonas Magnusson ala Dawn of the Dead

ChrisWho’s your favourite bass player? 

JonasWell, I have to say Alex Webster from “Cannibal Corpse“. He is a good bass player. I also like Victor Wooten who is a real good jazz musician.

ChrisNow the most important question: What’s your favourite beer?    

JonasWell, I don’t really care just as long as it´s drinkable, Keo is a nice beer though I think, don´t you agree.

Jonas and Roberth showing off their KEO. (Edited by MetalRecusants. Picture (without bottle) officially taken by Soile Siirtola of

Chris:  There’s nothing like a cold Keo!!

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