Release Review: Trucker Diablo – The Devil Rhythm

Established in early 2008, Trucker Diablo is a Northern Irish hard rock/heavy metal band- though ‘supergroup’ may be the correct nomenclature. Guitarist/vocalist Simon Haddock used to be in Joyrider (remember “Rush Hour”?), and Tom Harte and Terry Crawford (Guitar/vocals and drums, respectively) used to be in hard rock band Tilted. Adding to the mix is “The Almighty” frontman Ricky Warwick (who will be singing with Thin Lizzy in their European tour commemorating Phil Lynott’s death 25 years ago), who had guest appearances in Trucker Diablo in a few live performances.

Trucker Diablo’s debut album has received unanimous praise from rock publications and rock stars alike- it seems they have large shoes to fill. And it is this Recusant’s opinion that they more than live up to the task.

Kicking off with the bound-to-become-a-festival-anthem “Drink Beer, Destroy”- doesn’t the title just say it all?- Trucker Diablo shows off its killer riffs and fun-to-sing lyrics that are prevalent through the entire album. OK, they are not poet laureates, but that’s not the point- the point is rock’n’fuckin’roll which you can use as your soundtrack to… well, as the boys themselves say, “drink beer, destroy”.

Those of you who like your classic rock with a metal edge will not be disappointed. Trucker Diablo’s music is very rhythm-driven (as the album title suggests) with strong bass and screaming guitars, and the vocals are awesome too. It reminds me somehow of a synthesis of AC/DC and Def Leppard, minus the glam (which is funny, since one of the praises on the album’s press release is from Def Leppard singer Joe Elliott), so fans of theirs should definitely check out Trucker Diablo. Personal favourites/standout tracks include “Voodoo”, “Never Too Late to Sin” and “When Angels Die”.

It’s definitely one of those records that you listen to and immediately think of what the live experience would be like. In that case, look out for Trucker Diablo in their summer tour of Ireland and the UK- including Download Festival 2011!

So, what else can I say? Play at high volume. Make sure your speakers can handle it- and if they can, you’re not playing it loud enough! This is a band to look out for… “Keep on Truckin’!”

The Devil Rhythm track-list:

1. Drink Beer, Destroy
2. Juggernaut
3. Big Truck
4. Stand Up and Fight
5. Voodoo
6. Never Too Late To Sin
7. Dirty Love
8. Black and Blue
9. When Angels Die
10. Rattlehead

Trucker Diablo are:

Tom Harte – Guitar/Vocals
Simon Haddock – Guitar/Vocals
Glenn Harrison – Bass Guitar
Terry Crawford – Drums

“Drink Beer, Destroy” music video:

Fore more Trucker Diablo:

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