DEMONIC SLAUGHTER: New Album Coming Soon.

Having already released two albums, ‘Cold Disease of Reality’ in 2009 and ‘Soulless god’s Creation’ in 2010, Demonic Slaughter, a Polish black metal band with early 90s death metal influences, is ready to release their third album this year, titled “Revelations of Death”.

“Revelations of Death” tracklisting :
1. Funeral
2. Remains
3. Chant of the Graves
4. Rites from the Past
5. Towards the Unseen
6. Prayer of Accursed
7. Communion of Dissolution
8. Nightmare of the Third Eye
9. When the Low, Heavy Sky

“Revelations of Death” artwork:

Demonic Slaughter are:
Xaos Oblivion – All vocals, guitars, bass parts, additional ambient sounds
Perversor – Bass parts, lyrics

More Demonic Slaughter:

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