Release Review: Within the Fall – “A Story to Be Told” Demo

Within the Fall is a Swedish Death/Doom Metal band formed by Joakim Rudemyr (who’s also in the Swedish death metal band Desolator) and Mike Wennerstrand in 2010. The band released their first demo a few days ago, entitled “A Story to be Told”.

The first track of the two-song demo, ‘A Story to be Told’, is almost 10 minutes long and starts with sounds of rain and thunder followed by a lovely acoustic intro. The mellow parts are very nicely done and the heavy parts are equally good, although the changes between them are not always perfect. ‘Graveyard of Gods’, the second track, is much more melodic and better structured than the previous. But both songs manage to create a wonderfully bleak and doomy atmosphere.

Those familiar with this particular sub-genre of metal, will recognize the band’s influences: early Katatonia, October Tide, Swallow the Sun, Daylight Dies etc. The lyrics focus on themes that are commonly used in Death/Doom, hate, loss, pain, darkness, death. You get the picture. The production is great and all of the instruments are heard clearly, which made me appreciate it even more.

For a first demo, this is pretty good stuff and it’s definitely worth a listen. So if you haven’t heard this yet and you’re in a crappy mood, head over to the band’s Facebook page for some dooooooom!

Within the Fall are:
Joakim Rudemyr – Vocals
Mike Wennerstrand – Guitars & backing vocals
David Andersson – Guitar & bass
Marcus Whelamsson – Drums

More Within the Fall:

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