MALFEITOR and BIRCH MOUNTAIN: New Split To Be Released This September.

Upcoming Malfeitor and Birch Mountain split will be entitled “Dawn of Silent Decay“. The album consists of 10 destructive death metal tracks, 5 from each band. Artwork created by the owner of “Sufficiently Studios“, the musician and the originator of this project – Benny Moberg from Malfeitor. The split will be available September 2011.


Beyond the Horrorizon
To Hell, farewell
Scenes From a Slaughterhouse
Death, the Dead and Me
And the Sky Turned to Rage

Birch Mountain
Countdawn of Solidity
Emotions of the Hard
Oriental Battle
Inside my Shell
Death Momentum

Featuring members and ex- members of:
Excruciate, Mastication , Blood Mortized, Exhumed , Morpheus ,Stigmata , E.G.Y.P.T.

Split artwork:

 Hellthrasher Productions and Sufficiently Studios

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