Live Report: Mnemic, S.D.M., S.L.A. @ Kingston Rock City, 3/07/2011

Starting off was the newly formed band Sweet Little Annie (S.L.A.) and it was everything but sweet and little! Macheras shook the venue with his deafening growls and put on a display of great frontmanship. The genre resembled a thrashier version of Black Label Society with harsher vocals. A big problem, for me, however, was the inaudibility of the guitar, the eternal problem of the Cypriot metal scene with the drums-vocals always pushing out the guitar and bass. I could pick up what was being played every now and then, but when something lower (6th string) or faster was played, I had to struggle to make out what was being played. I would most certainly go to see them again, provided they are armed with a better sound.

S.L.A. setlist:

1. Fallen Heroes
2. Polar Faith
3. Little Annie
4. Exposed
5. Accidental
6. Blind and Obedient

Following Sweet Little Annie was the local thrashcore act, Sonik Death Monkey (S.D.M.). Having established themselves in Limassol pretty well, S.D.M. fans started packing up Kingston as they eagerly awaited to listen to their favourite songs, such as “Old Fashioned Way Of Life” and “Detonator”. The crowd was very responsive, as they chanted, sang along, moshed, headbanged and shouted. Another reason that fans were looking forward to S.D.M. was the live debut of their new song “Gorilla Warfare”. Personally I was a bit disappointed as the song was very different to what we were used to. I am usually never against change, but in the current situation I think Sonik Death Monkey do not need any change in genre or in their writing style as they had been doing an excellent job up till now. However, the Gorilla Warfare T-shirt is still awesome and I want one badly! Their sound was clear, mistakes were minimal to almost non existent and the guys put on a hell of a show, as they always do. Overall, an awesome performance by Sonik Death Monkey.

S.D.M. setlist:

1. Face it
2. Ignorant Savage
3. Detonator
4. Burning Skies
5. O.F.W.O.L.
6. Gorilla Warfare
7. Archangel Inside The Sun

Following Sonik Death Monkey, were Danish beasts Mnemic. A must-mention of course was the absence of drummer Brian Rasmussen due to injury a day prior to the flight. Taking his place for the night was Mr. Anonymous (a life-size doll with the infamous V-vendetta mask). As to not create any confusion, the drum sound was provided by the studio recording of the songs which in my opinion was a reason for a relatively low attendance given the magnitude of the band.

At first, the audience was a bit hesitant (including myself), as most of the attendants were witnessing the more industrial sound for the very first time. However by the middle of the second song on their setlist “Liquid”, people started getting closer to the stage and banging their heads off. The heavy gut-busting sound of the eight-string guitars coupled with the more melodic aspects and the technical and fast-paced drums gave a kick-ass result and soon enough, the small audience proceeded to mosh and headbang. To any people who may have not attended the gig due to the more industrial aspect of the band lost a truly memorable performed by very professional musicians.

Vocalist, Guillaume Bideau, didn’t fail to provide excellent frontmanship, interacting with his audience and even throwing in a joke every here and there. Touring guitarist Victor Ray Salomonsen amazed the crowd with his 360-headbanging while playing pretty technical riffs at the same time. The setlist of the night was as follows:

All in all, a great night and a very memorable experience. The only downside was the lack of attendants. To anyone who didn’t attend, there is a great chance that you will not get to hear anything heavier anytime soon on our Island, however, Mnemic did promise that they would return some time in the future, so don’t dare miss it the second time!

If you missed it, check out our interview with Mircea of Mnemic here!

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