Release Review: Paralytic – Sadistic Intention (EP)

Paralytic is a brutal technical death metal act from Vilnius, Lithuania. All band members are at a very young age and yet their debut EP “Sadistic Intention” gives the impression of an experienced band which knows what it is doing. With a few major shows already under their belts – opening for Cannibal Corpse and performing at the legendary Wacken Open Air festival – I believe this band is capable of being there at the top of death metal along with all the other “big” acts.

“Sadistic Intention” starts off with an atmospheric intro which fills you with anticipation and, actually, made me feel like I was back at Wacken waiting for them to start playing. The first track “Misanthropy” gives you a taste of the band’s influences right from the first riff. Although the EP is packed with brutal technicality in the style of Decapitated, other “trade mark” death metal influences are audible throughout the five tracks; such as Morbid Angel or Cannibal Corpse. Nevertheless, originality – as original death metal can get – is also present in the band’s music. You might find something that sounds similar to something else but that doesn’t mean Paralytic copied it. The riffs are well thought through technically and melodically while the vocals are something in-between Deicide’s Glen Benton and Decapitated’s Sauron. Most striking is that the band’s technicality is also heard on the bass – something which is not heard too often in other death metal acts, at least not as clearly as with Paralytic.

This EP communicated with me the same way their live performance at Wacken’s Metal-Battle communicated with me. This means that their utter brutality caused me to bang my head and mosh around no matter what (even while sitting on a chair…). Paralytic’s music even gave me an energy boost which changed my mood after a shitty week.

Initially I was going to complain about the production but my opinion changed and I have come to the conclusion that the production is pretty good after all. It may not be polished as it is nowadays with the “big” death metal acts but remember that this is their first EP and, hopefully, we’ll be hearing much more from these Lithuanian maniacs.

Probably the only downside of the EP is that at times it seemed very repetitive and maybe it wouldn’t be the best idea to have it playing on repeat.

However, Paralytic’s “Sadistic Intention” is an enjoyable debut EP which raises the flame of death metal even higher as it shows us that the genre is not decaying. This band will definitely appeal to most fanatics of this genre. Oh did I mention that the average age of the band members is seventeen?

“Sadistic Intention” tracklisting:
1. Intro
2. Misanthropy
3. Delighted By the Suffering
4. No Reason To Exist
5. Anthem of the Fallen
6. Sadistic Intention

Paralytic are:
Lukas -Vocal
Simonas – Lead Guitar
Jokubas – Rhythm Guitar
Dziugas – Drums
Simas – Bass Guitar

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Watch their W:O:A show online! 

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