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Perversity is a death metal band from Slovakia which has been grinding out extreme music for over 15 years. During this incredible span the group has managed to release just 4 albums: In the Garment of Lust (2003), Words like Poison (2004), Beyond the Reach of Heaven (2008), and Ablaze (2001). This is largely due to the constant lineup changes that have plagued the band since its formation in 1995. Currently, guitarist Jozer “Dodi” Kosc is the only original member of the group. The other members of the current lineup are: Kazatel – Vocals, Elvis – Guitar, Sly – Bass Guitar, Mystik – Drums.

Perversity plays a classical style of death metal reminiscent of early Gorguts or Morbid Angel. This is most apparent in their latest release Ablaze.

The sound quality of the recording is decent. The drum lines occasionally overpower the rest of the music and the vocals have a muffled sound on a few tracks but nothing that seriously takes away from the music.

Lyrically the band is solid. The lyrics found in Ablaze are largely demonic and offer brutal images of death, the devil and all things unholy to the listener. They are sure to please all fans of hardcore death metal.

Although nothing derogatory can be said of Perversity’s latest release, nothing extraordinary can be said either. This effort is just a run of the mill release. The music though executed to near perfection, offers nothing new to the seasoned death metal listener.

Inventive riffs are few and far in between on this album and the guitar solos are largely forgettable. This makes the replay ability of this album basically zero. Perversity is a group which lacks that distinct sound that often sets death metal bands apart from one another and it really hurts the overall quality of the new release.

Perversity is a known band with a following, their latest reinvention is a throwback to classical death metal but these seasoned musicians should really let their love of this style of music grow into something that’s more completely their own. Hopefully, this new lineup remains together long enough to allow this group to evolve with their next release.  \m/

Ablaze tracklisting:
1. Reach of Hell
2. Behind the Diabolical
3. Merciless Messiah
4. Hailing The Thieves of Souls
5.  Devoted to Perdition
6. Necrophiliac Beast
7. The Banished
8. Uzplanutie
9. Palace of Skin
10. Blood of Hastur

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  1. You’re right man, the band blows!!

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