Interview: Benny Moberg of Malfeitor.

Swedish death metal act Malfeitor released a split with Birch Mountain via Hellthrasher Productions. That very split Dawn of Silent Decay has been reviewed by MetalRecusants and you may find it here. As we have been very pleased with that release, MetalRecusants did not hesitate to contact Benny about an interview… enjoy the chat below.


Dom: How are you doing Benny? If I’m correct you’re working on your new album “Dum Morior Orior” at the moment.

Benny: Everything’s great at the moment, thanks! Yes, we are working hard to complete the writing and recording of the last three tracks for the Malfeitor-debut “Dum Morior Orior”. Expect nothing but a raw and unpolished organic production, with a cadaverous fat sound! Pure grotesque grinding with a slice of witch raping, evil string stabbing all topped with a necromantic touch of growl. FUCKING UNTRENDY DEATH METAL!

Dom: Untrendy death metal..mmm.. that’s the way we like it! Talking of untrendy, Malfeitor is not a very well-known name in the metal scene – at least from what I know. Could you tell us a bit about the band’s past? How active was Malfeitor back in the 90s?

Benny: Malfeitor was not a well known band, we were active and played around Stockholm in the early ’90s. We had fun and were not even trying to get recognised.. haha…

We started as a punk/thrash metal school band called Nexus back in 1988, and in 1990 we got more seriously into death metal and changed both members and our name to Malfeitor.

Dom: What urged you to start the band again?

Benny: Music is a big part of my life, and after I left Blood Mortized I still needed to do something creative related to more extreme music. Also, I wanted to re-create the kind of death metal that I grew up with. Feels like the core focus for many of today’s death metal bands, is to catch the perfect production, and for me that is not a priority.

"Dawn of Silent Decay" Split (Hellthrasher Productions, 2011)

Dom: How did Malfeitor’s sound develop over the years? Was your sound similar back then as it is now?

Benny: The basic sound has probably always been the same, but we have changed a bit with the help of today’s modern engineering technique. A BOSS HM-2 is still involved, though perhaps not as clear as before haha. Our epigraph is still “Keep it raw and simple”. Also, the music is quite like the stuff that we wrote back then, just a little bit faster nowadays… “you speed up as you grow older” haha how strange, isn’t that!? 

Dom: Recently you released your demo “To Hell, Farewell” as an exclusive release and also included most of it on the split with Birch Mountain. Why haven’t you released anything before back in the 90s?

Benny: As I said earlier, we were young and had no money, also there was a LOT of partying at that time… Easy to spend money on beer, whiskey and concerts… haha.

Today we regret that we did not record anything in a studio. It would have been awesome to have that in the baggage. Especially today when the distribution has moved to internet and the exposure is worldwide within a few clicks. All that we have recorded is shitty and noisy stuff from concerts and rehearsals. Nothing to be proud of… haha.

We are very proud that we finally have released a limited tape demo, even if dated 2011…

Dom: All band members of Malfeitor are, and were, involved with other bands like Birch Mountain, Blood Mortized, Egypt, Excruciate and Morpheus among others. What caused your departure from Blood Mortized?

Benny: Yeah, there is a lot of activity, They are all suffering from “Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder”!!!

I left Mortized due to personal stuff. I could not put all my time, energy and focus on the band’s development. With Malfeitor I don’t have that internal pressure, and each part will take its time.

Dom: You’ve started in the 90s when the death metal scene was booming with acts like Entombed, Dismember, Morbid Angel, Vader etc. As an “under-achieving” act and far more underground than the latter, were you influenced in any way by those bands?

Benny: Absolutely, we listened to most of them. But I think less known Swedish acts, along with U.S. acts such as Immolation and Deicide gave us the most inspiration. Nowadays my inspiration comes from any type of music, as I listen to everything from early 70-ties progressive stuff to brutal death metal. 

Dom: Talking of “under-achieving” acts, I would say you’re in a similar situation as Anvil… the only difference is that they have a lot of mainstream publicity and a dozen of similar sounding albums… What do you think?

Benny: Anvil are cool guys, but we are not in a similar situation as we are in this for fun, not trying to make any bucks or be widely famous rock stars… if the music we do is appreciated by some poor bastard, we’re just happy!!!

Dom: Are there plans in the Malfeitor headquarters for some kind of tour which would maybe hit Europe?

Benny: As for now, we’re working hard on writing and recording the debut. In the current situation we’re are all working a lot with other musical projects and regular jobs. We’ll see what happens after the release.

Dom: You’re currently signed to Hellthrasher Productions. Are you content being with them? They’ve got quite a few awesome releases under their belt and some coming up as well…

Benny: Yeah, Hellthrasher has been a great label so far, and we are absolutely satisfied. We got contacted by several labels but Hellthrasher got to us first ;-) Lucky bastards! Haha!

Dom: Tell us a bit about Sufficiently Studios.

Benny: Sufficiently Studios is my little workshop where I develop my interest in music engineering, photography and artwork. I’ve started it in 2007 and have mainly worked with the old school label Konqueror Records and done some artwork and layout for bands like Thanatos and Mykorrhiza etc. Also, I’ve produced all Malfeitor tracks and Blood Mortized demos at Sufficiently Studios.

Dom: What do you think of the current situation of the metal scene? I feel like a lot of the bands are getting too much “mainstream” coverage…

Benny: Yeah, but a lot of those band are trying hard to be mainstream as well!!!

I ‘m not so fond of today’s type of death metal. The super-tight triggered kick drum that, like a typewriter clatter which sounds like nothing a human could possible play.

Dom: For the end, what is your favourite album of 2011 so far? (apart from “Dawn of Silent Decay” hehe)

Benny: I really liked Blaspherian‘s “Infernal Warriors of Death”. Also Autopsy‘s “Macabre Eternal”.

And next year’s favourite will Be ‘Dum morior orior’ by Malfeitor haha!

Dom: I can sense that it will be my next year’s favourite as well!! Thanks for your time, Benny!

Benny: Thanks for taking the time interviewing me and for the support in Malfeitor! Stay tuned for the devastating release in 2012! Horns up!

Malfeitor are
Mattias Parkila – Vocals (Blood Mortized, ex-Egypt, ex-Stigmata)
Benny Moberg – Guitars & Bass (ex-Blood Mortized)
Janne Rudberg Björkenfjäll – Drums (Excruciate, ex-Avoidness, ex-Egypt, ex-Mastication, ex-Exhumed, ex-Morpheus)

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