Release Review: Krampus – Kronos’ Heritage

According to legend, Krampus is a sadistic demon who travels with Santa Claus during the Christmas season and punishes bad children by tossing them into a basket and dragging them off to hell.

That’s an interesting name for an 8 piece Folk Metal band from Udine, Italy. Formed in 2009, Krampus has already made an impact on the metal scene, having recently placed 1st out of over 100 bands competing in the Rock the Nation Awards Contest.

Krampus’ music is often coined as Folk Metal because the group utilizes traditional folk instruments such as flutes, bagpipes and whistles but they also have a metallic edge that is slightly reminiscent of the early Gothenburg sound of In Flames or Dark Tranquility. The music comes out as Folkish Death Metal, a sound that is completely unique to heavy metal as a whole.

Krampus has self-released a self-titled Demo (2009) and 2 EPs so far in their young career, Shadows of Our Time (2010) and the Kronos’ Heritage EP. (2011) This review will concentrate on the latest release.

The Kronos’ Heritage EP consists of only three songs, “Kronos’ Heritage”, “Aftermath” and “My Siege”. The EP itself is only 12 minuets long and no song is over 5 minutes in length. Despite this, the music is able to make an impact on the listener and leaves you wanting more.

The opening track can be considered the highlight of the EP offering screaming violins accompanied by melodic death metal. The other tracks are very comparable and offer highlights of their own.

The lyrics are exceptional and deal with modern day issues such as the environment, pollution, mass consumption and modern warfare. While the relevance of these issues certainly speaks for themselves. The message of the band isn’t just to make the listener aware or glorify the gloom, they urge a positive change.

The sound quality of the 3 song EP is more than adequate with each of the eight band members’ musical contribution fully realized and easily identifiable on each track. The folk instruments vary on each recording, giving the listener something to look forward to when the next track plays.

The vocals rage from death laments to straight edged delivery and typically enhance the music played. Although this band has only been together a short time, they accommodate each other like seasoned veterans.

The Krampus Kronos’ Heritage EP is a must listen for fans of both Folk and Death Metal. The songs are extremely complex and new sounds within the music are discovered constantly giving the tracks a lot of replay ability. Anticipation for a full-length album is growing!! \m/

“Kronos’ Heritage” tracklisting:
1. Kronos’ Heritage
2. Aftermath
3. My Siege

Krampus are:
Filippo Gianotti – Vocals
Davide Zamparo – Bass
Matteo Sisti – Bagpipes, Whistles, Irish Bouzouki
Marika – Violin
Alessandro – Rythm Guitar, Chorus
Leonardo Rizzi – Lead Guitar
Carlo – Drums
Tommaso – Keyboards

More Krampus:
Official Website

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