ASPHYX: New Album Cover Revealed!

Dutch doom death metal legends Asphyx have completed work on their new studio album, Deathhammer, for a February 27, 2012 release in Europe and February 28, 2012 in North America via Century Media Records.

The cover artwork for Deathhammer was created by Asphyx‘s longtime partner in designs, Axel Hermann. Hermann not only worked on all of the early Asphyx artworks and most recently on their Live Death Doom release, but is also responsible for many of the classic Century Media artworks by bands like Morgoth, Unleashed, Samael and Grave.

Commented Asphyx‘s Martin van Drunen: “Asphyx and Axel Hermann is a fusion that has always functioned perfectly… from the days of The Rack back in 1991, ’till Deathhammer in 2012. Like others such as Dan Swanö, Axel may be considered as an external member of the band and when we asked him to do the Deathhammer cover — and as usual we would leave him free in his expression — we were very pleased to hear he was willing to take it on. …And the man has exceeded himself! To the perfect death metal album comes the perfect cover that still leaves enough to everyone’s imagination. We hope he is as proud as we are on the final result. It seems all falls into place for this deathdozer of an album. I guess Axel can expect an offer from Le Louvre any time now.”

Added Hermann: “A cover is the visual extension of an album that translates music and emotional intentions (or should I say aggression) into a clear statement of what to expect before taking the record off the shelf. In seldom cases you’re ending up with two perfect sides of the same coin. With Asphyx and myself, it has always and luckily been that case. And I am really proud of that! Show ’em death and hit them with a hammer…visually and musically! Guess, we flipped the coin once more!?”

Recorded at The Mörser Studio as well as at Harrow Studio with Asphyx‘s longtime engineer Harry Wijering, Deathhammer was mixed and mastered in Sweden by Dan Swanö, who previously worked with the band on Death…The Brutal Way and Live Death Doom releases. Songtitles set to appear on the CD include Reign Of The Brute“, “Vespa Cabro”, “We Doom You To Death”, “Asphyx-Minefield” and “Deathhammer”.

Asphyx will perform The Rack album in its entirety at this year’s Eindhoven Metal Meeting on December 16 at Effenaar in Eindhoven, The Netherlands to celebrate the LP’s 20th anniversary.


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