Interview: Marquis of the Vladimirs.

After reviewing the Vladimirs‘ comeback – The Late Hours – MetalRecusants had the opportunity to interview the mighty horror-punk band. Feel free to enjoy the chat below…

Dave: Hey there! How is it going in the Vladimirs camp?!

Marquis: As expected.

Dave: Where did the name Vladimirs come from?  A love of Vlad the Impaler perhaps?

Marquis: Most people assume that but the story is that the name comes from an old Lithuanian phylosopher Vladimir Milkuhn who believed that life is an illusion “a dream within a dream” that is constantly under siege from outside sources and the only way to achieve true understanding is to “escape the prision of the flesh” and die without fear. He was considered mad in his time and disappeared mysteriously.

Dave: Your band is often mentioned with other horror punk bands like Samhain and The Misfits. How do you feel about this association?

MarquisI think it’s easy for people to put labels on music no matter how narrow and vague. Danzig’s music is legendary and has influenced me personally since I was a kid. Having said that, anyone who thinks we sound just like those bands and are copying them are either not listening, don’t care, or dumb as shit.

Dave: Your music has been often described as a mixture of Punk, Goth, Thrash and Death Metal. Does that form an interesting crowd during live concerts? Do they all get along?

Marquis: It was different when we started. There use to be a culture clash with shows being shut down do to fighting and vandalism but these days people are more accepting of one another it seems. I never have, nor ever will understand Scene Nazis.

Dave: The band has been around since 1995. Do your old fans still come out and see you play live? 

Marquis: Some do some don’t. It’s always good to see old friends.

Dave: Does your current set list include some classic tracks for the older fans?

Marquis: We touch on something from every release for all shows, the songs just rotate. Some songs we play alot, some songs we will never play again.

Dave: A lot of the Vladimirs’ albums are long out of print, So Fine Concubine, Vladimirs and Night Gallery just to name a few, any plans to re-release this old material?

Marquis: Yes, but nothing I want to announce yet. So Fine Concubine and Night Gallery are currently avaible but limited.

Dave: You’ve contributed to several tribute albums, such as King Diamond, AC/DC and Led Zeppelin tributes – are you guys just fans of these bands or is there another reason for these contributions?

Marquis: They are all fucking awesome. Led Zeppelin is huge for Brian and Crank, they’ve been playing their songs together since they were 10 years old. For Ash and I, King Diamond is an all time favorite. Doing those tributes was a lot of fun.

Dave: Current Punk/Metal groups such as The Murder Dolls and Wednesday 13 have followed your campy horror footsteps musically. Have you ever heard of these groups? What is your take on their music?

Marquis: We’ve played shows with them before, they seemed cool.

Dave: I noticed a song title off the new album is called “City of the Living Dead”. Did you get that title from the famed Lucio Fulci film?

Marquis: I have all of Fulci’s films, he’s great. The song is not about the movie but, to be honest, I wrote it during one of my viewings of the film. So the answer is yes.

Dave: How much of your work is based on Horror/Sci-Fi Movies?

Marquis: I love horror and sci-fi movies and books but I never set out to base a song on one particular movie. I will borrow titles and themes from time to time if it relates to the over all song.

Dave: Do you prefer old-school zombie horror movies like Children Shouldn’t Play with Dead Things or Let Sleeping Corpses Lie? Or do you prefer the newer stuff like 28 Days Later?  

Marquis: I like all three films you mentioned to varying decrees. It doesn’t matter when it comes out if it’s good, it’s good; and if it sucks, it sucks. All eras have some redeeming quality.

Dave: What made you want to bring the band back after a 5 year hiatus?

Marquis: It was not intented to be that long. There were various factors involved like Ash touring with Estuary. Brian, Crank, and I released Sono Morti (an experimental gothic western album).  Ash and I released our Faithxtrator project. We worked on The Late Hours during all this as well as songs for future releases. I loose track of time frequently.

Dave: Did you find your music well received after being out of the music scene for so long?

Marquis: You tell me.

Dave: What are the future plans of the Vladimirs?

Marquis: To continue to create music.

Dave: With over a decade of experience in the business, do you find your music is now reaching a more age diverse audience?

Marquis: After playing the other day, a man came up to me and told me that the shadow people told him to come see us and that they found us interesting. He looked old so I asked him how old he was, he said 81. Now that’s age diversity. I didn’t ask him how old the shadow people were.

Dave: Is there a horror movie that inspired you musically more than any other?

Marquis: Who needs a movie this world is horrific enough.

Dave: Thanks for your time!

Marquis: Thank you for the interview and keep up the good work with Metal Recusants

Vladimirs are:
Marquis Thomas – Vocals / Guitar
Ash Thomas – Drums / Vocals
Crank – Bass / Vocals
Brian Day – Guitar / Vocals

More Vladimirs:
Official website


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