Release Review: Midnight – Satanic Royalty

One could argue that a band’s name is almost as important as the music they play. Nowhere is that statement more truthful than in the world of heavy metal, where the name practically dictates the style. Most heavy metal fans would expect a fictitious band called Bloody Maggots to play some form of Death Metal while a band called Sorcerer’s Stone is probably a Power Metal act. Occasionally a group chooses a name that is so generic that you’re not sure what to expect, Midnight’s Satanic Royalty is a prime example of this.

With an album title called Satanic Royalty, I can honestly say I was expecting an extreme Black Metal album along the line of Dark Funeral or Immortal but Midnight’s style of metal is much closer to old school Black Metal innovators Venom than anything those extreme acts would offer.

Arguably influenced by bands of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, Midnight’s singer even sounds like Conrad Lant aka Cronos of Venom or perhaps even a Satanic Lemmy Kilmister.

Midnight’s metal is loud, brash, and largely undisciplined. If you prefer a thrashy style with death vocals and solid song structure, this is not the album for you.

The lyrics are as silly and cheesy as anything written about acts of violence or good old “Beelzebub”. However, the sing along lyrics are extremely catchy and are sure to get fans involved at a live show.

While I’m not a big fan of 80s metal acts like Venom, I would rather listen to Mercyful Fate over them any day, I understand there is a fan base for sloppy, raw styles such as this, not to mention the thousands of newbies out there that haven’t heard of Venom or the NWOBHM and actually think Midnight is an original band.

That being said, I feel comfortable recommending Midnight to fans of 80s old-school metal acts. While they may not be trendsetters in their genera, their music is entertaining. \m/

1. Satanic Royalty
2. You Can’t Stop Steel
3. Rip This Hell
4. Necromania
5. Black Damnation
6. Lust Filth And Sleaze
7. Violence On Violence
8. Savage Dominance
9. Holocaustic Deafening
10. Shock Til Blood

Midnight are:
Count Zigar – Drums
Filey the Kid – Guitars
Athenar – Vocals/Guitars/Bass

More Midnight:
Official Website

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