Release Review: Demonic Slaughter – Dark Essence

It seems that Demonic Slaughter is a very productive and hard-working band; they formed in Lublin, Poland in 2006 and have since released two EPs and three studio albums, with their latest album ‘Revelations of Death’ released only last August. Thus, it came as quite a surprise to find out that they released a new MCD this month, and are also releasing a new full-length album later this year.

As with their previous effort, variety is present in ‘Dark Essence‘, with four out of the seven songs being traditional/primitive/minimalistic black metal tracks a la early Darkthrone and Mayhem, whereas the other three are more atmospheric/slow-paced (Into Frozen Passage, Black Storm Invocation, Vampyr). Both sides of the band have the purpose to create a sinister and dark mood, and I think Demonic Slaughter are quite good in that. After all, evil atmosphere is the essence of black metal. That said, there is nothing really special or extraordinary on this MCD, it has all been done before many times by many bands.. Nevertheless, their commitment to black metal is undeniable and much appreciated. Demonic Slaughter stay true to themselves and the underground black metal scene by making another solid and hateful release which will satisfy anyone who is a fan of the genre and is a promising indication of what we can expect from their upcoming fourth studio album.

Listen to ‘Blades of Decay‘:



Dark Essence tracklisting:
1. Into Frozen Passage
2. Inner-Self Transfiguration
3. Into The Unknown
4. Black Storm Invocation
5. Descending Towards Oblivion
6. Blades Of Decay
7. Vampyr

More Demonic Slaughter:

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