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I’ve been waiting for new Malfeitor ever since I got my hands on the Dawn of Silent Decay split CD. A few months later after reviewing that very split, here I am introducing the stream of a brand new Malfeitor track “Exile from Sanity”.

My relationship with this band (and Birch Mountain) is something which you could call “love after first listen”. They offer pretty much everything one would desire from a death metal band: dirty – yet, clear – guitar distortion, fast-paced drum beats and distorted growling vocals. Being a death metal act from Sweden, established in 1990, they do incorporate that trademark Swedish death metal sound in their music. However, Malfeitor still manage to create something original. My words are not convincing enough? Press play below and decide for yourself.

“Exile from Sanity” comes off Malfeitor’s debut album Dum Morior Orior which is set for release later this month (April 2012).


Dum Morior Orior tracklisting:
1. Conversation in Minor
2. Beyond the Horrorizon
3. When Last Breath Fades Away
4. Exile From Sanity
5. To Hell, Farewell
6. Death, the Dead and Me
7. Rolling With Corpses*
8. And the Sky Turned to Rage
9. Psychosis**
10. Scenes From a Slaughterhous
11. Sojourn Hell

* Guest vocals by Ronnie ”Ripper” Olson (Turbocharged, Gehennah, ex-Vomitory)
**Guest vocals by Raquel Centeno (ex-Satriarch)

Malfeitor are:
Mattias Parkila – Vocals (Blood Mortized, ex-Egypt, ex-Stigmata)
Benny Moberg – Guitars & Bass (ex-Blood Mortized)
Janne Rudberg Björkenfjäll – Drums (Excruciate, ex-Avoidness, ex-Egypt, ex-Mastication, ex-Exhumed, ex-Morpheus)

More Malfeitor:

Hellthrasher Productions

If the fact that the band has been founded in 1990 and it’s only now in 2012 that they’re releasing their debut album is causing some confusion, our interview with Benny might have some answers for you.

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