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I recently received a packaged from my good friend Dom that contained a bunch of CDs for me to review. Not only was this a generous gift, but this was also the first time I ever received a package from overseas. I’m just glad it wasn’t confiscated by customs. The strange thing I’ve noticed is that with promo disks, they don’t come in the jewel cases we’re normally used to. Instead, they come in these see-through plastic sleeves with the CD and album art slipped inside. Personally, I’m rather annoyed by this, especially when it comes to organizing them in your collection. You know how the Angry Video Game Nerd complains about games not having end-labels? Well, these things don’t even have ends! But let’s stop talking about packaging problems and start talking about the first album that caught my eye, Wrathprayers by Voidhanger.

The album begins with an ominous quote: “I like these calm little moments before the storm.” How appropriate, because shortly afterward, it flies into fast, violent, destroy-everything-in-sight death metal. Since these guys are Polish, I expected nothing less. Judging by the cover, I thought this was going to sound like Behemoth, but they sound more like Vader instead. The death metal they play has sort of a thrash metal feel to it. The growls also have more in common with thrash metal than they do with death metal.

The drums are an unrelenting display of unholy ferocity. The blasts and fills will just tear you apart and piss on the remains. The guitars are easily the best part of all this. Due to the tone and the riff structure, the guitars have a very thrash metal sound to them just like the rest of the music, but I also hear a great deal of Death influence in here, and I’m pretty sure I even heard a hint of grindcore. Simply put, these riffs are flesh-ripping.

Although the music is great, I feel that it is being hindered by the production. If you ask me, the production sounds too sterile. I’ve discovered that if you clean up the production too much, the music will lose all its punch. This album would have benefited from a great deal more bass and more reverb. This would have given the music a more diabolical atmosphere.

Yes, the cover was a case of false advertising for me and the production sounds too clean for my taste, but I’m pretty sure that people will enjoy this.

1. Wrathprayer
2. Skin the Lambs
3. Son of Cain
4. Dead Whore’s Corpse
5. Sentenced to Fall
6. Daughter of Filth
7. Void
8. The Vampire of Beuthen
9. Carnivorous Lunar Activities

Voidhanger is:
Priest – Drums
Zykon – Guitars, Bass, Composition
Warcrimer – Vocals, Lyrics

More Voidhanger:

Withching Hour Productions

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