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Any band with a name as cool as SuperChrist immediately has my attention but when I learned the band was from my hometown of Chicago, I was more than just intrigued. I did a little research on the group and found they’ve actually been around since 1998. The band has released six full length albums, one live album and an EP.  This is an impressive back catalogue for a group that is still largely considered underground.

With an album title like Holy Shit! one would expect this band to be of the thrash parody style mimicking such famed acts as M.O.D-Method of Destruction, S.O.DStormtroppers of Death or dare I say LudiChrist but SuperChrist aren’t thrash, they sound more like a cross between old school speed metal and hi-velocity punk. If you took Motorhead, Exciter and the Ramones and scrambled them all up in a blender you’d be pretty close to the Superchrist sound, in this day and age, music like this is refreshing and brilliant.

The outstanding vocals of bassist/vocalist Chris Black, who is reminiscent of Lemmy, about four thousand beers earlier in his career, delivers simple yet inventive lyrics with choruses that are as wry as they are memorable. The catchy guitar work of Hank Bitchlover, got to love that name, is addictive to the ears and really makes this album worth playing again and again. The drum work of Ian Viper is superb. What would these high octane songs be without the solid foundation Ian has contributed to this record?

It has been a long time since I heard a three-piece act play music that sounds this full and complete. The sound quality of the album is above average. Every drum tap, bass prong or cord pluck can be easily heard. This is actually one of the best mixed albums I’ve listened to so far this year.

Holy Shit! is a 10 track recording with a running time of just over 30 minutes. In my opinion this is the perfect length for this type of music, any longer and you start to risk redundancy and repetitiveness. All of the songs are basically short with only one track “Sewer Snake”, running over the four minuet mark. Other highlight tracks are: “Run to the Night”, “Take Me to the Graveyard” and the soon to be classic “Beer Metal”.

SuperChrist kick ass, I find this old school brand of metal refreshing in a market saturated with death metal, definitely a release worth checking out! \m/

1. Run to the Night
2. Take Me to the Graveyard
3. Hot Tonight
4. Get Lost
5. Burn Again
6. Black Thunder
8. Don’t Wanna Know
9. Sewer Snake
10. Beer Metal

SuperChrist are:
Chris Black – Bass, Vocals
Ian Viper – Drums
Hank Bitchlover – Guitars

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  1. I really liked these guys too. I also was expecting a thrash or death band going into the album and was really surprised to find a Motorheadish band. Really good album!

  2. Megadave70 // May 8, 2012 at 1:48 pm // Reply

    I agree, I don’t know how I missed this band \m/

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