Release Review: Supreme Lord – Father Kaos

As was the case with Voidhanger‘s Wrathprayers, Supreme Lord‘s Father Kaos is a case of “don’t judge an album by its cover”. By looking at the cover of Father Kaos as well as the band’s logo, you may think Supreme Lord plays some ultra-raw black metal, but they actually play some incredibly villainous death metal. Supreme Lord has been a figure of Poland’s death metal scene since 1991, and although they’ve put out many demos, they’ve only released two full-lengths so far. The first was X99.9 which was released back in 2004. Father Kaos is their latest. I’ve never heard of Supreme Lord before this album, but after listening to it many times, I’ve decided that I should seek out the rest of their discography.

The production on this album is my favorite kind of production: thick, gritty, and bass-heavy. I’m pretty sure this needs no explanation. Keeping true to their old school credentials, the guitars are tuned in a way that perfectly expresses the evils beneath the earth, and there are plenty of insane solos that add to the wickedness. The growls are deep and menacing, quite reminiscent of Deicide, and oftentimes border on brutal death metal. The drums do an admirable job. They show off a lot of great cymbal work, insane blasts, and plenty of double bass, although I wish they were higher in the mix, and I wish the snare had a bit more impact to them.

The only part I don’t like about this album are the two extra songs tacked onto the end. These songs are from their Legion Of Doom demo which was released back in 2006. Since these songs came from a demo, they obviously sound unpolished and incomplete, and I feel that they are needless filler that were tacked on at the last minute. Other than that, this album is great. It’s dark and menacing, they hit hard, and best of all, it’s short, sweet, and to-the-point.

Behold the monstrous form of Father Kaos, he who lurks within the chasms. His growls can wake the dead. His blast beats can tear mountains asunder. His guitar solos can make the skies rain blood. Fear him, for he is coming.


1. Stop The Silence
2. Massacration
3. The Be(a)st Is From Hell
4. Father Kaos
5. Blood Is A Life
6. Shame Ov God
7. Legion Of Doom
8. Supreme Lord
9. Profanation ( Incantation cover)
10. Ritual ( Blasphemy Cover ) (Bonus track from demo 2006)
11. Tormentor Infernal ( Witchmaster Cover ) (Bonus track from demo 2006)

Zaala – Drums (Witchmaster, Kill, ex-Christ Agony)
Morbus – Guitar (Morbus Mortifer, Vomigod)
Reyash – Vocals, Bass (Witchmaster, Christ Agony, Profanum, Incantation, ex-Vader)


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