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More often than not, a debut release often turns out to be the best material a band has to offer. What’s interesting about these first offerings is the group is still developing their own sound, the debut release typically marks the beginning of this musical progression, and sometimes a listener is able to hear and even pick out a group’s influences within the music. The debut release by Resurgency is a prime example of this.

Resurgency is a death metal band from Athens, Greece. The band has been active since 2009. They released a demo entitled Dark Revival in 2010, a split release (review here) with Desolator in 2011, False Enlightenment (2012) is their debut release.

As far as the music goes, these guys are really good. Yes, it’s true this classic style has had its day in the sun but the intensity, polished execution and overall flair this band incorporates had me sold after the first listen.

The major influences heard in the music are Napalm Death, Immolation, Death and early Gorguts (Considered Dead). A nearly perfect combination of classic death metal groups but when you throw in a grunting vocalist like John P., who’s vocal delivery reminds me a lot of Barny from Napalm Death, you’ve got a superior act in the making.

One advantage to playing in a throwback style is that you can incorporate multiple influences and modify what you like. Resurgency does this to perfection while at the same time managing to throw in some innovation of their own. The end result is a powerful album that doesn’t waste time or bore you.

The sound quality of this release is slightly above average, the effects can be heard clearly and nothing is drowned out by vocals, rapids drumbeats or insane solos.

Most of the songs are under the four minute mark, which is also a big plus for me as repetition is a pet peeve of mine. In fact only one song is over the five minute mark, “Craniums of Slain Disciples”. The whole album clocks in at just under forty minuets!

Lyrically this band shines, just look at the track listing and you will see the ingenuity these guys bring to the table with standout tracks like: “Black Holes of Anitverse”, “Hideous Premonition”, “Mouth of Hades” and of course the track we are streaming here on Metalrecusants – “Ending the Beginning”.


In summary this is an excellent debut release, it’s nothing innovative but it improves on what works. The talent is evident and I’m sure we can expect even bigger things from this band in the future. \m/

1. Craniums of Slain Disciples
2. Ending the Beginning
3. Black Holes of Antiverse
4. Dark Revival
5. False Enlightenment
6. Hideous Prenomition
7. Where Despair Dominates
8. Mouth of Hades
9. Psychosis
10. Binding is Fatal

Resurgency are:
John – Vocals
George – Guitars
Tolis – Bass
Vagelis – Drums

More Resurgency:

Hellthrasher Productions

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