Release Review: Fanthrash – Duality of Things

Fanthrash was one of Poland’s first thrash metal bands. They formed way back in 1986 and released four demos, but around 1990, they disappeared. Everyone thought they died, but twenty years later, they took everyone by surprise when they released an EP called Trauma Despotic. On 2011, 25 years after they originally formed, they released their first full-length album, Duality of Things. Will this be a display of the master’s hand or have these guys grown rusty with old age? Let’s find out!

Whereas most thrash metal bands emphasize speed, Fanthrash emphasizes groove. They employ a great deal of start-stop rhythms, and the more I listened, the more I realized the prominent Meshuggah influence, especially in the vocal area. In terms of production, this album is top-notch. The drums have a massive punch to them (although they did sound a bit too triggered) and as far as I could tell, there was no clipping.

I have rather mixed feelings about this album. I don’t like the Meshuggah-inspired start-stop rhythms (luckily for me, the star-stop rhythms showed up less frequently as the album went on), but I love the lead guitar work and the howling solos. I really love the solos. They’re on almost every song, and their structure is very similar to that found in German thrash metal. There are also some pretty nice riffs and rhythms scattered throughout. I also didn’t like the Meshuggah-inspired vocals, but I love the drums. As I said before, they hit hard, and there are lots of well-structured rhythms scattered throughout.

Personally, I don’t like this album, but I don’t hate it either. I listened to it several times and it didn’t really stick to me. The guitar solos and drums are great, but the vocals sort of soured it. The album’s not bad by any means – there’s a lot of great stuff on there – it just sounds too much like Meshuggah for my taste. But don’t let my words dissuade you from listening to it. You should buy it and decide for yourself. Perhaps you might just like it.

1. Intro
2. Allocation Of The Soul
3. Aggressor
4. Forced
5. Duality Of Things
6. Under The Open Sky
7. Trauma Despotic
8. Green Tattoo
9. Lizard Skeleton
10. Toxic Mind
11. Domino
12. Rita From The Hills

Grzegorz Obroslak – Guitars
Mariusz Ostep – Bass
Less – Vocals
Wojciech Pilat – Lead Guitars
Radek Grygiel – Drums

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