Artwork of the Month: Necrovation – Necrovation [Exclusive Stream]

For those who missed this earlier, a quick recap for you: Necrovation are a new brand of oldschool Swedeath, a band that eschew the conventions of ripping off Entombed and Dismember, instead looking to other genres for inspiration, blending black and heavy metal elements in without compromising their dirty death metal sound.

Necrovation’s self-titled album, which we covered only recently, takes the biscuit for album artwork of the month for a couple of reasons. The main of these is that it fits the music perfectly: a jet-black maelstrom that draws you in from the opening glance. The drawing looks literary, matching the dark poetry of the lyrics. Each track comes as a wave, occasionally taking its time to hit the shore, but when it does, it forces you to sit up and take notice. The album-storm either rumbles along or whips itself up into a frenzy, but by the time the final track comes to a close, your fill of filthy death metal is sated…at least for now.

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Speaking of the last track, “Ill Mouth Madness (The Many)” exemplifies this tempestuous analogy. A dirge-like heavy metal riff opens up into a slow death metal groove as the gale gathers momentum, and speeds up to blasting speed. The drumming is of particular note, flowing through various tempos with ease. That said, the guitars are also topnotch, especially the harmonized riffs near the end of the track, as the album winds down to a close. Check out the band’s thoughts on the track and the artwork below, then stream the track and have a listen for yourselves!


Sebastian of Necrovation comments about “Ill Mouth Madness (The Many)”: “The first track I wrote for the new album was this one, some of the material has lingered in the band since 2007, yet it was under constant evolution until the very day it was recorded. The finishing theme that goes down in fade was rewritten at least 3 times that I can remember, I like that we used the most beautiful of the 3 I can remember, it took some guts in the studio, but I’m really glad I listened to Gustav, who co-produced some of the things, when he could, or let’s say when we let him, let’s say that, but his input was important on some takes, the outro of the album especially, thanks Gustav. It’s actually my favourite track on the album.”

Andreas of Necrovation comments about the artwork: “A churning sea, life and death… where the dark lead the dead into new depths. The album cover, designed by Jonathan Hultén/Necromantic Art represent and embodies our vision of the selftitled album; which is that of mercilessly rippling waves of death. At the same time the cover also represents ourselves as a band; ever changing dark depths, in constant motion and evolution… a new Necrovation.


Necrovation tracklisting:
1. Necrovorous Insurrection
2. Dark Lead Dead
3. Pulse Of Towering Madness
4. Commander Of Remains
5. New Depths
6. Sepulchreal
7. Resurrectionist
8. The Transition
9. Ill Mouth Madness (The Many)

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