Release Review: Christ Agony – Darkside [Re-release]

Christ Agony is yet another band that I’m reviewing for MetalRecuants that I am completely unfamiliar with. According to the bio I read it stated that the band is a black/death metal band who have been around since the early 90’s and that Darkside is a re-release from 1997. Apparently the design of the CD is completely re-designed. There is no mention if the music has been remastered or anything, so I’m going to assume it hasn’t been and that the only thing that’s different with this release is the packaging.

I’ve got to say that with a name like Christ Agony I was expecting something completely different that what I heard. I fully thought that the sounds I would hear when the album started would consist of blazingly fast black metal replete with shrieking, blast beats and blaspheme deluxe. Instead, while a lot of the music is heavy, the album is more focused on mood and atmosphere instead of just trying to sound heavy and over-evil – a fault of many black/death metal bands. In fact, parts of the album are downright mellow; I’m looking at you “Heredity” and “Dark Beauty”. This isn’t a bad thing at all but far from what I was expecting.

So, how is the album? Quite good actually, far better than a release from a band on an unknown Ukrainian label should be. The production is crisp and clear, the songs are mezmerizing at times, and when they do go into the death/black metal realm, as on “Kingdom of Abyss”, they are stunning.

I really enjoyed Darkside and was surprised at how good it is. Pick up the album now that it’s been re-issued and support the band!

1.The Triangle (Prayer, Sonnet, Throne)
3.Dark Beauty
4.Kingdom Of Abyss
5.My Spirit Seal (Dream Version)
6.Dark Poem
7.Dark Goddess
8.Darkside (Eternal, Beauteous Death)
9.The Key
10.My Spirit Seal (Blood Version)

Christ Agony now are:
Cezar – Guitars, Vocals
Reyash – Bass, Vocals
Paul – Drums

More Christ Agony:
Official Website

Metal Scrap Records

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