SACRED REICH: “The Fans Are the Most Important” [Interview]

Sacred Reich is a name familiar to most of us metalheads. Established in 1985, the Arizona act has released four full-lengths, however, their most popular release is, without doubt, the EP Surf Nicaragua. They called it quits in 2000 with the last release being the 1997 live album Still Ignorant. The band has reactivated with the originial line-up in 2006 and remains a live act.

As some of you may have realised after reading my review of their recent show in Wacken, the band is definitely one of my favourite acts… if not the favourite. When first listening to the aforementioned EP, I immediately fell in love with the track “One Nation”. Obviously, I also loved all the other tracks and especially the title track and the cover of “War Pigs”. However, “One Nation” was (and still is) very special to me because the lyrics are about what I always dreamt of and something different to what we hear all the time in metal tracks: peace on the world.

This summer 2012, they have toured Europe in order to celebrate their 25th anniversary. I was lucky enough to meet up with vocalist and bassist Phil Rind at this year’s Wacken Open Air where they gave a tremendous performance with a classic set of songs. Thankfully enough, I did not freak out and pass out because of the joy of meeting a metal hero of mine…That’s why, at times, you may notice in the video below the rustiness of my talking!

Phil tells us why he chose family over Sacred Reich, he talks about revolution, new live Wacken DVD and more Sacred Reich goodies. Ladies and gentlemen, Phil of Sacred Reich!!!

Camera: James

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