WARRIOR SOUL: Tour Starts Next Week. Kory Speaks.

Hard rock or “acid punk” act Warrior Soul are set to hit the road this week with Edinburgh on the 20th September to be their first show of the tour. The tour will cover a great part of the UK and Ireland with the rest of Europe to follow in November. The “Stiff Middle Finger” tour will be in support of the new album of the same title. The band’s front man, who founded Warrior Soul in 1987, gives us a little insight into the upcoming rock ‘n’ roll shows. Check it out below.


How are you feeling to be going back on tour next week?

Kory Clarke: It’s time to fight the corporate control war system and destroy their lies with truth and make love to Rock n Roll once again! I seriously like touring Ireland and the UK, and this extensive tour through most of the rest of Europe and the USA as well is of course going to be phenomenal! I love being on the road and now together with my new 2 band members from southern Spain, Gere on bass and Chevy on guitar… Well, the energy is explosive and immense! Having a new album, ‘Stiff Middle Finger’ out (and quite literally) is always refreshing for both us and our fans and we are ready to show them how great this new album really is! I have written some great lyrics on this album and am definitely in the mood to convey them to the fans.

Your new album Stiff Middle Finger will be released a day before the tour commences. Will this tour’s setlist consist of only new tracks? What should fans expect?

Kory Clarke: No, are you insane?! Of course I will introduce the set with the new album and then will proceed to blow the roof off of every place I play with a combination of all Warrior Soul classics (with a surprise or two for those who have seen the band in the past and a couple extra pieces from Space Age Playboys).

Will music and merchandise be available for purchase? New album as well?

Kory Clarke: Indeed, the ‘Stiff Middle Finger’ album and new T-shirt plus t-shirts from ‘Destroy the War Machine’ album will be available at every show. Maybe a couple of paintings…but bring some cash for those kids, better to pre-order through the Kory Clarke Facebook page.

Is there an overall message which you want to pass along to the audience with this new album and tour?

Kory Clarke: The overall message is what the title says. People who control you, start religious wars, blow your countries’ economy, and beat you up, tazer you, and put you in jail for saying anything about what they do can go fuck off and DIE!

For someone who does not know the band very well or at all, how would you describe the band in just a few words?

Kory Clarke: If you like Jane’s Addiction, Soundgarden, Jimi Hendrix, The Sex Pistols, Ramones, Patti Smith, The Doors and Motorhead, you might like this band.

Is there a song(s) which you are looking forward to performing most?

Kory Clarke: Our new Album ‘Stiff Middle Finger’! I would say ‘Planetary Revolution’, ‘A drink for All my Friends’, ‘Wall Street’ and ‘Junky Stripper’. They are all incredible upbeat and powerful and tough but also fun for everyone’s tastes. The title pretty much explains what they are going to be about and they are all a little different to the next so watch out!

Warrior Soul on tour in Europe 2012:

20/09/12 – Bannermans, Edinburgh
21/09/12 – Ivory Blacks, Glasgow
22/09/12 – Stiff Kitten, Belfast
23/09/12 – The Village, Dublin
24/09/12 – Cyprus Avenue, Cork
26/09/12 – Scorpios, High Wycombe
27/09/12 – O2 Academy Islington, London
28/09/12 – Bogiez, Cardiff
29/09/12 – Sin City, Swansea
30/09/12 – The Fleece, Bristol
04/10/12 – The Hairy Dog, Derby
06/10/12 – Yardbirds, Grimsby
07/10/12 – Corporation, Sheffield
01/11/12: Barcelona – Rocksound
02/11/12: Valencia – Rock City
03/11/12: Cadiz – Serie Z Fest
04/11/12: Madrid – Gruta 77
14/11/12: Cologne – Underground
15/11/12: Eindhoven -Rambler
17/11/12: Lichtervelde – Delirium Rockfest MkII
19/11/12: Frankfurt – Nachtleben
20/11/12: Munich – Backstage
23/11/12: Uster – Rock City
25/11/12: Hamburg – Hafenklang


Warrior Soul online:
Kory Clarke Website

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  1. Kory Clarke über alles

  2. Kickstarter would kill to do the US tour, our new cd “Blame It On The System.” will be out in 2013.

    Chris Ban


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