ABYSME: Premieres New Track “Formless” [with review]

Hellthrasher Productions, it seems, are going crazy – metal crazy. They’re releasing new good underground metal stuff almost every month. We are very pleased to have been cooperating with the label ever since we started this site. Luckily, we have been asked to premiere the new track off Abysme‘s debut album Strange Rites. Check out the stream below along with BreadGod‘s review of the release.


Abysme is a death metal band from the United States who will release their debut full-length, Strange Rites, on September 24th. While doing research, I discovered that the guitarist/vocalist, Brad Heiple, was a former member of Funerus, so I have a feeling this is gonna be good.

Turns out, I’m right. This is old school death metal worship at its finest. The production is dirty and gritty, just the way it’s meant to be. The guitars have a bit of Swedish influence and exude menace and decay, especially when it comes to the solos. There are also times when it slows down and they play some infectious doom/death so as to keep things from getting boring (best heard on “Annihilated Memory” and “The Third Day”).

The snare drum sounds a bit high in the mix, but other than that, the drums are well-performed and play some great rhythms, blasts, and fills. I especially applaud his wild cymbal work. The vocals also display some Swedish influence. They sound like a mix between a low rasp and a growl. He sounds like an unholy creature that crawled out of a long forgotten crypt and now seeks to bring terror unto this unsuspecting world.

If you love yourself some old school death metal worship, do yourself a favor and pick this one up. It’s mean, ugly, and filthy, which is exactly what death metal is supposed to be.

1. Scribbled In Dust
2. Beyond the Seventh Door
3. Formless
4. Annihilated Memory
5. Gift to the Gods
6. We Shall Sleep
7. Terminal Delirium
8. The Third Day
9. Fallen Colossus
10. Remarkable Conqueror

Abysme is:
Mike Bolam – Bass
Timothy R. Williams – Drums
Brad Heiple – Guitar, Vocals

More Abysme:
Official Website

Hellthrasher Productions

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