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Coma is a Polish rock band which gained popularity in their motherland after a relatively short time (released debut in 2004: Pierwsze Wyjście z Mroku). Since the first album they serve us solid, hard-shell music with unusual lyrics. The sung poetry in Coma’s music adds to the rebellious atmosphere they offer. In 2010 the band decided to release an English version of the third album (Polish: Hipertrofia). The musical material was reorganized and cut, but the instrumental part was almost unchanged. Piotr Rogucki – the leader, vocalist and lyricist– spent the longest time in the studio. The rest of the band joined him during the recording of three new tracks.

The task was not easy. Translating Polish songs has been always difficult. Moreover, as I mentioned before, Rogucki creates poetical lyrics. We can find there lots of artistic media, shorthands and understatements. Piotr also cares about the richness of language which consists of both poetic and colloquial.

The hybrid of opposites manifests itself not only in the style but also in the contents. Coma confronts ideals with reality, good with evil, truthfulness with falseness. Those dualisms are, nevertheless, most apparent in the music. The single promoting the new album in Poland was F.T.M.O. It appeared on the soundtrack to Skrzydlate świniewith F.T.P. The title of the film means “Winged Pigs”. It was the acting debut of Piotr Rogucki (he played one of the main characters).

In short, Coma specializes in two kinds of songs. The first one is an expressive rock hit with a catchy riff, melodic chorus and a guitar solo (e.g. Excess, Poisonous Plants). The other is a calm but meaningful ballad with progressive rock features (T.B.T.R.). For each variant Piotr Rogucki adjusts his voice perfectly. The combination of undeniable vocal talent and rocker charisma gives him a wide range of possibilities. This means going from a musical monologue (Silence And Fire), through a hoarse cantilena with vibratos (Afternoons In The Colour of Yellow), to a concrete growl (Confusion).

Excess is an album worth buying. Polish metal has already achieved a lot in the world. The time has come for representatives of a slightly lighter music genre to carry the flame. In their homeland Coma has accomplished a lot (if not everything). As a proof of this I give you a video from their symphonic concert.

Excess tracklisting:
1. Excess
2. Transfusion
3. Poisonous Plants
4. Confusion
5. T.B.T.R.
6. Struggle
7. Afternoon in the Colour of Lemon
8. Witnesses of the Decline of the Eternal Boys Land
9. Silence and Fire
10. Eckhart
11. F.T.P
12. F.T.M.O.

Coma on four European gigs supporting Tides from Nebula! Here’s what they have to say:
Next week COMA’s gonna play few international gigs in Germany and Austria. They are guests on Tides From Nebula European tour. Wanna see COMA performing on stage? Wanna hear songs from Excess and more ? Don’t hesitate, just do it on 09 October in Berlin, on 11 October Vienna, on 13 October Linz and on 14 October Dornbirn.

For full tour dates head here.

More Coma:
Official Website (both Polish and English version)

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