Live Report: Napalm Death @Colchester Arts Centre, Colchester (UK) – 6th October 2012

Have you ever day dreamt about Slayer suddenly appearing in front of the altar while you were sitting in Church during a religious holiday because you were forced to go by your family? Well, I sure have and I have finally seen my dreams come true… in one way or another.

The night of the 5th October 2012 saw Napalm Death and two (well, three actually) interesting support acts hit the stage of an old Church-turned-into-a-concert-hall building. This awesome venue I am talking about is the Colchester Arts Centre in Colchester, UK: it is not too big but not too small as well, the sound is amazing and has plaques of dead people on the walls – how much more metal can it get?!

The first act to hit the stage was the brutal Obscene Entity. They were loud and they showered us with loads of heavy, fast and technical riffs. They might have not been creating anything new on stage; however, towards the end my head started moving back and forth more and more while I listened to those drum beats, bass lines and the waterfall of riffs. Fans of bands like Decapitated, Gorguts or Origin will definitely find something to like in this band.

The main support was supposed to be a local act Meadows (at least from what I knew), however, what we eventually got to see was The Meadows Chestburster Big Band which in essence is a combination of two bands: the aforementioned one and a  local grind act: Chestburster. The latter, I was familiar with as I saw them goregirnding Level2 at the University of Essex campus last year.  First, though, Chestburster played a full-on grind set of ridiculously short songs and a few longer ones. They have indeed warmed up the audience who were so eagerly awaiting the legendary headliner to get on stage – the mosh pit was starting to get out of control and it would only get wilder and wilder by the minute.

Finally the time has come for Meadows to join and now it was TWO bands on stage: two drummers, three guitarists, a bassist and a vocalist. How did it sound, you ask? Well, freakin’ amazing I have to say. I don’t know if that phrase gives their performance justice. Imagine listening to Max Cavalera on drums (of Sepultura fame), really slow draining doom riffs and grind vocals and you will get the epic sound of The Meadows Chestburster Big Band. Although, many of us still wanted more by the time they finished, we were all ready to see the grind/death metal/punk legends to hit the stage.

Most of you, if not all, have heard of Napalm Death and most of you probably worship them. The band has been around for over 30 years and they still keep true to their music while blasting out amazing political-themed tracks like “Nazi Punks Fuck Off”, “Scum” or “Suffer the Children”. Blasting out? No, that does not describe what I experienced that night. During the entire show, the band was feeding the audience with energy and excitement. It was not only Barney’s (vocalist) ridiculous “psychopath” dancing on stage but also the great performance of all band members: Shane (bass), Mitch (Guitar/Vocals) and Danny (drums). There was no excuse, you had to bang that head of yours or mosh constantly.

The perfect acoustics of the venue only helped as the sound was amazing. You could hear every single note of every instrument crystal clear. On top of that, the view from the middle of the hall to the stage was priceless. Watching the legends which Napalm Death is along with the mosh pit right underneath them had such a great effect on the viewer. The Colchester Arts Centre is definitely one of the best venues I’ve been to in the UK and Napalm Death made the best use of it they could.

Here’s some fan-filmed footage of the bands performing:
Napalm Death

The Meadows Chestburster Big Band


Check out Meadows on Bandcamp:

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