Release Review: Realmbuilder – Fortifications of the Pale Architect

Realmbuilder is an American 2 piece band from New York and Fortifications of the Pale Architecht is their second album. Per their bio they play epic metal that brings to mind bands such as Cirth Ungol, Mannila Road and Thin Lizzy. While this is true enough, the band also lay on the doomier end of things at time and recall bands such as Pentagram, and of course Black Sabbath.
Luckily I don’t judge albums by their album cover or I would have thrown this album in the trash as soon as I got it. The cover is cheesy and looks like a screenshot from some old computer RPG game from the 80s. Yeah, some of you may think that sounds awesome, but seriously, it’s not.

The good news, however, is that the music contained inside the awful packaging is great. The songs are catchy and hooky with some really heavy, headbangable riffs. Vocalist Czar is a great singer with a great voice that fits perfectly with this style of music and sounds like a total throwback to great metal singers of the 70s and 80s.

I was kind of surprised at the quality of this album seeing as there has been almost no press for it, nor does the band have much of a web presence. On a quick check I could only find a Myspace page and nothing else. This could be in order to build up a certain mystique about the band. If so, it worked, at least for me as I am now completely curious about who this band is and their future endevors.

Stellar songs on the album are “Higwayman” and “Old Savage”. Both fantastic songs that should be played at high volume. Check the  band out and buy the album. You won’t regret it.

1. Highwayman
2. Fortification of the Pale Architect
3. Old Savage
4. Ascend to the Glass Kingdom
5. Iron Wheels of the Siege Machines
6. A Conflict Between Dukes
7. The Stars Disappeared from the Sky When We Uncovered the Bones of the First Gods

Realmbuilder are:
Czar – Drums/Lyrics/Vocals
J.H. Halberd – Bass/Guitar/Keyboards/Percussion/Trumpets/Backing & Harmony Vocals

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