WAR POSSESSION: Premieres New Track “Medieval Bloodlust” [+Review]

I love Greece’s black metal scene, but I’m afraid I’m not that familiar with their death metal scene. Outside of Dead Congregation (whom I love with the intensity of a billion supernovae), I haven’t really listened to any Greek death metal bands. Luckily, War Possession is here with their first EP Through the Ages to show me what I’ve been missing.

You’re also lucky enough that here at we are premiering their track “Medieval Bloodlust” from that very EP which you can check out right below:

The production is a bit cloudy, but for this kind of death metal, it fits perfectly. The growls sound reminiscent of Incantation. Hell, a lot of the stuff on this album sounds reminiscent of Incantation, from the guitar tone to the frequent switch-ups between fast and slow rhythms. The drums perform some great beats and fills and utilize a great deal of double bass, but I wish they were a bit higher in the mix. The bass is played extremely well, but I wish they had more distortion. Right now, they sound like a soft “clack clack clack” in the background. It would be better if they sounded more like rumbling war machines.

Like I said before, the guitars are amazing. They’re down-tuned in a way that reminds me of Incantation, and they play sweet riffs just like Incantation. Like any great band, they have a plethora of solos, but here, they also play them during the slow parts, which really amplifies the impending evil that lies in this album.

Through the Ages is a nasty slab of demonic Greek terror, and I’m eager to see what War Possession have planned for us in the future.


1. In the Shadow of the Ancient Gods
2. Medieval Bloodlust
3. World War Domination
4. A Taste of Things to Come (Chaos Awaits)
5. Deathmarch (Outro)

War Possession is:
Christos S. – Bass
John A. – Drums
Haris V. – Guitars
Vaggelis P. – Vocals

More War Possession:

Hellthrasher Productions

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