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One day I was carrying out rotting pumpkins to the trash. When I tried to pick up the first pumpkin by the stem, it started to fall apart, so I tried to pick it up by its sides, but the bottom fell out instead. After throwing out the top, I tried to pick up the rotten bottom with a stick, but it just kept falling apart due to how rotten it was. I eventually got a bucket and used the stick to put the bottom inside. I picked up another pumpkin and put it in the bucket, and when I did so, the rotten bottom I had put in there before sprayed up out of the bucket and some of it got in my hair. I eventually did throw out all the pumpkins, but I had to take a shower afterward.

Why am I telling you this story? Because I’m running out of witty intro ideas, that’s why. Without further ado, let’s dig into Grand Supreme Blood Court‘s debut album, Bow Down Before the Blood Court.

The production consists of that thick, chunky, old school sound I know and love. In terms of music, they play a dastardly mix of death metal and doom metal. They regularly switch between fast old school worship sections and slow chugging sessions. The vocals don’t sound all that strong. They sound more akin to death/thrash. However, the instruments more than make up for this.

The drums keep in time, dispensing diabolical judgment and destructive fills, but if you ask me, the best part would have to be the guitars. As I said before, the production gives them a dark old school sound. Their influences are split between American death metal’s slow chugging and Swedish death metal’s dark tremolo riffs and hardcore-inspired rhythms. There are even some moments where they display a more melodic side (“Piled Up For The Scavengers”, “…And Thus The Billions Shall Burn”).

We the jury find the verdict… delightful! Yeah, that joke sucked. What I’m trying to say is, Grand Supreme Blood Court is awesome and you need to get this album.

1. All Rise!
2. Bow Down Before The Blood Court
3. There Shall Be No Acquittance
4. Veredictum Sanguis
5. Behead The Defence
6. Grand Justice, Grand Pain (instrumental)
7. Fed To The Boars
8. Circus Of Mass Torment
9. Public Castration
10. Piled Up For The Scavengers
11. …And Thus The Billions Shall Burn

Grand Magistrate Bagchus – Drums
Grand Judge Daniels – Guitars
Grand Prosecutor van Drunen – Vocals
Grand Registrar Zuur – Guitars
Grand Executioner van Eekelen – Bass

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