Release Review: Aeon – Aeons Black

To put it simply, Aeon is a death metal band from frosty Sweden and have been pounding ears into submission since 1999 with their incredibly technical yet brutal style. The quintet have released a steady amount of albums over the past few years, despite facing many line-up changes throughout the band’s existence, and are currently signed with Metal Blade Records.

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The one thing that’s evident about Aeon is that they are all about extremes and are not afraid to show it; not just musically either but with social commentary too – and this is clearer than ever with their new release Aeons Black.

The overall feeling of the album is incredibly dark and punishing: the downtuned guitars with crunch, the constant changing yet methodical drums, deep bass and the mix of growling vocals and spiteful high screams. Aeon aren’t pushing boundaries of death metal in terms of musical execution, but damn, they’re ridiculously heavy for their genre!

Opening track “Still They Prey” is a great introduction as to what to expect, while the production is very clean the violence and power of the music doesn’t suffer for it; still sounding as if the band could rip your face off with enough volume. “I Wish You Death” has a certain Nile feel to it with the guitars’ pinched harmonics and moments of briefly sustained notes over blasting drums; made even more brutal when the title is growled. “Blessed By The Priest” is utterly unforgiving and features some nice progressions through moments of blastbeats and breakdown-esque riffs, as well as a short yet blistering solo.

The album includes a few interludes too with the likes of the symphonic “The Voice of the Accuser”, the short death metal riff-fest “Neptune The Mystic” and the dark ambient “Aftermath” – which gives enough room to breathe, which is needed considering the intensity of the album as a whole.

As said earlier, there is nothing game-changing going on here but if you’re thirsty for some brutal death metal that stays true to the cause, then this is a definite for you. The musicianship is incredible in itself and while they play with pinpoint precision, it still has that flesh and blood feel, which a lot of highly technical death metal often lacks…

Aeons Black is just ugly, maddening and crushing.

Aeon - Aeons Black (2012)


1. Still They Pray
2. The Glowing Hate
3. The Voice of the Accuser
4. I Wish You Death
5. Garden of Sin
6. Neptune the Mystic
7. Nothing Left to Destroy
8. Passage to Hell
9. Aeons Black
10. Dead Means Dead
11. Sacrificed
12. Aftermath
13. Blessed By the Priest
14. Maze of the Damned
15. Die By My Hands

Aeon are:

Tommy Dahlström – Vocals
Zeb Nilsson – Guitar
Daniel Dlimi – Guitar
Marcus Edvardsson – Bass
Arttu Malkki – Drums

Aeon band pic by Fredrik Wallin

More Aeon:
Official Website


Metal Blade Records


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