Discovering: Epitimia, Silent Path, Netra, Dark End, Subterranean Disposition

Imaginative, dreadful, or just plain weird? This article introduces five bands that are a bit out of the ordinary. Although they’re based on a particular kind of metal (black or doom) they have experimented with these styles and incorporated elements from other types of music, with the aim to create unique and atypical albums.

Epitimia – Face of Insanity

Epitimia - Faces of Insanity

Epitimia is a three-piece band from Saint Petersburg formed in 2008 and has released three full-length albums since its inception.Their latest release is entitled Faces of Insanity and it features 9 tracks of melancholic, depressing and atmospheric black metal with influences from post-rock and a bit of doom metal (some parts may remind early Katatonia). Faces of Insanity is a fairly decent experimental project that is worth giving a shot.

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Silent Path – Mourner Portraits

Silent Path - Mourner Portraits

Silent Path’s music is in a similar vein. It is a black metal project by musician Saman Nu. (a.k.a. Count de Efrit) who is known for his other experimental black metal band Ekove Efrits. Silent Path was created in 2009 in Tehran and its debut album was released in July 2012 entitled Mourner Portraits. The album is a mix of black metal with funeral doom, full of melancholic melodies and a bleak, dark and misanthropic atmosphere while the lyrics portray the musician’s view on war and its devastating effects.

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Netra – Sørbyen

Netra – Sørbyen

We move on with an unusual brand of black metal, as it is fused with ambience, trip-hop and jazz. Sørbyen is the title of the second album by one-man French band Netra and it is a bizarre and confusing album to listen to, guaranteed to surprise even the most open-minded metalheads. The many different influences and the blending of genres make up a very challenging album which could have been a complete catastrophe but it somehow works. Faithful fans of raw black metal should definitely stay away but the rest might find this an interesting listen.

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Dark End – Grand Guignol-Book I

Dark End - The Grand Guignol-Book I

Dark End’s music is more familiar to the average metal fan, but that does not mean it is less special. The band was formed in Italy in 2005 and describes itself as a ‘symphonic horror metal’ band. The Grand Guignol-Book I is Dark End’s latest release and it is an epic musical journey. The focus is of course on the keyboards and the orchestral elements to enhance the theatrical aspect of the music (bringing to mind another relatively new symphonic metal band – the Dutch Carach Angren), but there’s plenty of room for the rest of the instruments and the vocals to shine. It’s fast, it’s aggressive, it’s dramatic, and it’s horrific. Satisfaction guaranteed.

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Subterranean Disposition – Subterranean Disposition

Subterranean Disposition - Subterranean Disposition

The final band of this article is another solo/one-man project from Melbourne, Australia. Subterranean Disposition is a death/doom metal band and the mastermind behind it is Terry Vainoras who plays all the instruments and does the vocals and has been involved in various bands of the Australian underground metal scene. The album consists of 5 tracks, all approximately 10 minutes long and it is a primarily doom metal release with death metal influences. The release also incorporates acoustic and ambient elements, female vocals and even features a saxophone in one song.

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