Live Report: Gortal’s XV Anniversary @Klub Progresja, Warsaw (Poland) – 15th December 2012

The event started with the extremely energetic display of the young band God Said No. As the first band they had a pretty difficult task in front of them – to warm up the audience for the rest of the evening. Although they didn’t play for a really long they left some worthy memories in our metalheads. Undoubtedly, the most distinguishing track of God Said No was – “RTPM” – the full name of which is “Redtube Premium Member”. In fact, the genre of rock/metal performed by them (groove rock metal) stood out a little bit from the other bands but, nonetheless, they did a great job.

GORTAL 25th Anniversary - Warsaw

Next up was the blackened death metal Conquest Icon. Their performance was sorely absorbing not only because of the music side. We witnessed some personal changes in the band. To be more precise, we saw a change of vocals: Empherion (one of the founders of Conquest Icon) was replaced by Ronve (Omnemogram, ex-Ebola, ex-Warfist, ex-Taran). Their concert also wasn’t extremely long. They played 7 tracks (including the intro) but they gave us some more dark-powered music than the preceding groove act.

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The next executor was Embrional. They served us some material from their newest album Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviours. We also saw some madness and confusion on the stage. I refer here to the guest appearance of Killer (vocalist of Stillborn) who performed Mayhem’s – “Buried By Time And Dust”. It was supposed to be a quite normal rendition but it ended up as a fully improvised mash up of incomprehensible sounds and accidental screams and growls which actually came up heavily good (although the lyrics were written on the poster lying down on the stage).

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The fourth band was Pandemonium. Because of the fact that Pandemonium is probably the first black/death metal band in Poland we could expect unexpected stage phenomenons (not only musically). And some of them came up that evening. At the beginning, we saw very original band costumes calling cossacks to mind. The second were truly sophisticated stage decorations making the show’s atmosphere way more dark and evil. Even though the vocals weren’t at an extremely high level, overall they did a great job.

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Finally, at the end we came by our birthday guys from Gortal. The audience waited for them from the beginning of the events and was curious as to what was going to happen. It was obvious that they played brand new material from Deamonolith. It went through the heads of the audience like a drill through the sheet of paper. We also witnessed a line-up change on stage. Gortal’s bass player, A. D. Gore, was replaced by Necrophillip (who also recorded the last album with Gortal). He is said to stay permanently in the band.

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Overall, the event was brain-melting, head-crushing, mind-blowing and heavily devastating. Can’t wait for some similar events taking place in the nearest future to waste our time on meaningless headbanging and shouting.

All live pics taken by Vatis.

Check out some live video footage of the event:



Conquest Icon

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