CTULU: To Film Music Video and Release Vinyl

Lovecraftian black metal act Ctulu are said to start filming their first music video next weekend with Harddrive Media in Hamburg. The band have also announced that this May they will re-release their sophomore album Sarkomand on vinyl which will also include an acoustic version of the track “Nachtwind”. Additionally, GodEater Records will release a limited amount of their demo Zins der Zeit for the first time ever.

In previous newsCtulu will release their third full-length, Seelenspiegelsplitter, on 12th and 13th April 2013. The album launch will take place at two gigs in Hamburg and Erfurt respectively and will be released via Nocturnal Empire. Joining the band on stage during the release gigs will be Bristol’s Fever Sea, Kiel’s Aeba (which features Ctulu’s current studio drummer) and Bremen’s Nebukadnezar.

ctulu new 2013

The band has already confirmed one summer festival appearance: Czech Republic’s MetalGate Czech Death Fest which will take place on 14-15th June. More info about the festival here. After finishing touring in support of Seelenspiegelsplitter in December 2014, Ctulu will disappear from the surface of the world and will not arise until the release of the fourth studio album.

Seelenspiegelsplitter is intended to take you on a journey deep into the halls of the Esoteric Order of Dagon where your skin shall become grey as the sea, your eye color will vanish into grey nothingness and your soul shall be bound to the depths of the ocean.

“Nachtwind” by Ctulu:

Ctulu performing at London’s Infernal Damnation Festival:

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