Release Review: Trollech – Vnitrni Tma

Trollech have quite the pedigree. They are a Czech black metal band that has been around since 1999 and have so far released six full-length albums, Vnitrni tma being their latest. I think I listened to them in the past, but I can’t remember what they sound like. Yeah, I’m that kind of metalhead. I’ve forgotten more metal bands than most people will ever know.

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Trollech don’t do anything new – it’s mostly just Norway worship – but they do play well. The bass is rather high in the mix and gives the music more force and a more detailed texture. The drums blast with all the vigor of Gorgoroth with a few fills scattered within. The guitars play your standard Norwegian tremolo riffs with a touch of melody. I’ve heard all these riffs before, but they’re still well-played. Although, there was this one part on the second song where they played these chords that sounded like the meowing of a cat that was pretty out of the ordinary. The vocals are your standard croak. Again, nothing I haven’t heard before. However, I must say the croaks sound great when used with the Czech language, with any Slavic language, really.

In black metal – in all metal genres, really – you have two choices: you can either try something new or you can use an existing formula well. Trollech does the latter. They’re not reinventing the wheel by any means, but they take what has already been made and they play it well.

Trollech - Vnitrni Tma

1. Démon protivítr
2. Musím tě zabít, abych mohl jíst tvé sny
3. Zaspali své kletby
4. Černá spektra
5. Smrt se neptá
6. Zatmění Země
7. Vichru prst
8. Dům kostí
9. Zabíjím s jiskrou v očích
10. Vnitřní tma

Sheafraidh – Drums
Lord Morbivod – Guitars, Drum Programming, Vocals (Backing)
Throllmas – Guitars, Mandolin, Vocals (Backing)
Asura G. Godwar Ray – Vocals, Bass, Keyboards

 Trollech band

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