PROCESSION: About to reap heavens apart

Chilean/Scandinavian/whatnot epic doom metal mongers Procession are reportedly almost done with the work on their long-awaited second full-length, titled To Reap Heavens Apart. The follow-up to the critically acclaimed debut album Destroyers Of The Faith is now in the final stages of mixing/mastering, while the band’s frontman Felipe Plaza Kutzbach unveils some of the mystery in a recent talk with High Roller Records’ website:

to reap

“After Destroyers Of The Faith, To Reap Heavens Apart is the logical next step on Procession’s road to the grave garden. The pilgrimage continues, we’re approaching and getting closer and closer to what our ‘personal’ sound is. We’ve learned our ways, our virtues and defects and we use them both as empowering weapons for what our conception and vision of HEAVY doom metal is, as a channeling expression of the dark side of humanity. The line up for To Reap Heavens Apart is me on vocals/guitars, J. Pedersen on guitar, C. Botarro on bass and U. Bruniusson on drums. Musically, it is a heavy slab of pounding rhythmic sections, a whole bunch of guitar riffs, harmonies and leads, a bass that screams and sings from the underground and also what I think is one of my best vocal performances so far. We haven’t moved one single step away from what our influences as a band are, meaning we’re still playing doom metal the traditional way once dictated by Sabbath, Candlemass, Solitude Aeturnus, Count Raven, Solstice and all the classics you should all know by now if you’re reading this…”

No release date has been set for To Reap Heavens Apart yet. Meanwhile you can taste the poison through the advance version of “Death & Judgement” HERE and watch the cover painting courtesy of magister Timo Ketola.

– Damnatio Memorae
– Conjurer
– Death & Judgement
– To Reap Heavens Apart
– The Death Minstrel
– Far From Light

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