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It is commonly known that Canadians are calm and that Canada is a silent nation. But here we have straight proof that that stereotype is total bullshit. Edge of Attack, a band which took the metal scene not only by storm but also with surprise, breaks all those crappy stereotypes settled in our minds. So much energy in such small space makes me dizzy, to say the least.

The newest album by this mighty promising band named Edge of Attack gives us many reasons to expect literally everything in metal. Ten really powerful tracks with some guest appearances such as: “Demon(Of The Northern Seas)” recorded with Ivan Gianinni (ex-DarCloud) from Italy; “The Damned” with Ryan Bovaird (Hallows Die) from Canada; “Set The World Aflame” with Pellek from Norway. But let’s concentrate closer on the music side of the recording. In every single track we can find slight inspirations taken from other bands like: Stratovarius, Hammerfall and even DragonForce (some mighty solos). But Edge of Attack is not only power metal. They present clear ties with heavier genres in the form of riffs not typical for power metal – in “In Hell” or growl/scream vocal parts – as in “The Damned”. And of course intro from “Forever” undoubtedly based on “Unholy Confession” by Avenged Sevenfold.

There’s also one thing that makes Edge of Attack a unique band – the presence of two females in the squad: Roxanne Gordey (vocals) and Denver Whipple (bass). The fact that there’s such a small amount of rock/metal girls in the world is a bit weird. But happily we can observe an improvement in that sphere of the metal scene. According to great and very mature material presented on Edge of Attack we can suppose that it’s just a matter of time when those five Canadian musicians are going to take part in huge metal festivals all around the world. As we know there are not many Canadian hard-sounding bands. But Edge Of Attack surely make their country heavily proud of them.

Check out our interview with bassist Denver here!

The debut album is out now via Spread the Metal Records!

Edge of Attack album cover

1. In Hell
2. The Haunting
3. Demon (Of the Northern Seas)
4. Take Me Alive
5. In the Night
6. Edge of Attack
7. Forever
8. Rise Above
9. The Damned
10. Set the World Aflame

Edge of Attack are:
Roxanne Gordey – Vocals
Jurekk Whipple – Lead Guitars/Vocals
Dallas Dyck – Rhythm Guitar
Denver Whipple – Bass
Trevor Swain – Drums

Edge of Attack band

More Edge of Attack:
Official Website

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