Indie Recordings Launches ‘Freedom of Speech – Music Builds Bridges’ Foundation With From The Vastland

We all know that there is a lot of great music out there, in countries where people are not able to express themselves freely and live out their visions and lifestyles as they please. One of these examples is Sina with his band From The Vastland from Iran.

From the Vastland - Logo

Simon Füllemann/Indie Recordings says: “After being approached by the makers of the upcoming Black Metal documentary “Blackhearts”, we decided to help out and try to make Sina’s dream of playing at the Inferno Festival in Oslo come true. We also decided to take it a step further and release his CD on Indie Recordings. Its important to make a point and support artists like Sina. Therefore we founded the “Freedom of Speech – Music Builds Bridges” Foundation where this project is the first we support. All profit from “Freedom of Speech – Music Builds Bridges” Foundation will go to support Sina’s art! We are all hoping that everything will fall into place and he will come to play at the Inferno Festival in Oslo.”

Check the video below to see a teaser for the cooperation between the film makers, Indie Recordings and From the Vastland!

From The Vastland will be releasing the album Kamarikan on Indie Recordings March 27th. The CD will – as for now – only be available exclusively during the Inferno Festival at the Indie Recordings booth!

Listen to From The Vastland’s 1st song “Kamarikan” below!

Hopefully From The Vastland will be opening up the Indie Recordings Label night in support of Man the Machetes, Blood Tsunami and Altaar. Sina will be backed up by none other than Thor Anders Myhren – Guitar (Morbid Angel, Myrkskog, Zyklon), André Kvebek – Bass (Pantheon I) and Vegard Larsen – drums (Keep of Kalessin).

More From The Vastland:

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