TOMBSTONE HIGHWAY “Ruralizer” Full Debut Album Stream! [MetalRecusants Exclusive]

The debut album from Tombstone Highway, a sludge rock’n’roll beast from Italy, is exclusively streaming here on MetalRecusants!

Tombstone Highway is currently made up by frontman HM Outlaw (vocals/bass/guitars/banjo), Emilio S.O.B. Sobacchi (drums). Their debut album Ruralizer was produced by Daniele Mandelli at Elfo Studio (the place that has also seen several Forgotten Tomb recordings).

Tombstone Higheay - band picture

Sounding like the result of a barfight between Corrosion Of Conformity, Lynyrd Skynyrd and Down, Ruralizer has had a more than positive reaction from fans and reviews so far – even ex-Pentagram member Joe Hasselvander has even described it as “absolutely cool! Good old swamp infested blues metal!”. If that’s not enough to convince you, guitarist/vocalist Razor SK of Forgotten Tomb guested his talents on the album (guitar solo on “Hellfire Rodeo”), as well as guitarist virtuoso Mario Percudani of HungryHeart (guitar solo on “Bite the Dust (and Bleed)”) and Paolo Negri of Black Widow, Wicked Minds (hammond solo on “The Bitter End”).

You can purchase a physical copy of Ruralizer here via Argonia Records, but if you want to try before you buy, check out the stream here!


Tombstone Highway - Ruraliser album cover

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Agonia Records

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