Mortuary Drape: Classic Titles Coming To Peaceville Records, Remastered With Bonus Tracks

Italy’s Mortuary Drape will reissue two of its classic albums on CD and vinyl through Peaceville Records in 2013, starting with Tolling 13 Knell on May 27, plus Buried in Time to follow June/July. Each release has been fully remastered, with work overseen by the band, including bonus tracks on each release, plus updated layout.

Often regarded as one of the band’s strongest works, the Tolling 13 Knell album delivers an eerie concoction of evil metal riffing and dark occult atmosphere to unnerving effect. This reissue also contains extra tracks in the form of re-recorded versions of the infamous ‘Doom Return’ demo songs. These new versions were recorded during the Tolling 13 Knell sessions.

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“It’s a great pleasure that Peaceville Records have taken these two reissues into consideration. I personally thank Paul and all the label’s staff,” said long-standing and sole-remaining member, Wildness Perversions.

“I’ve enriched these two re-releases with new bonus tracks and unpublished photos. I have also taken care of the reissues’ layouts myself, trying to make them more captivating. I’m also sure that now they could have a better distribution, wider than before, satisfying all our fans all over the world which with the previous printings couldn’t get these parts of our discography.

“We are looking to release a ‘best-of’ album containing songs from all our records, and the new album (played by the new line-up) is going to be finished in April 2013. Stay tuned on our websites to know more about all our new releases and to check out the next gigs”.

Cult band Mortuary Drape was formed in Italy in 1986 as a trio. Highly inspired by the dark arts and combining early influences from the old metal gods, Mortuary Drape developed its own unique style, defining itself as black occult metal. After releasing the demo Necromancy in 1987, which spread the band’s name throughout the underground, it was not until 1992 that the first official release surfaced with Into the Drape. This was followed by the debut full-length album, the classic All the Witches Dance, in 1994.

Mortuary Drape has recently been busy recording its latest, as yet unnamed album, as well as performing some high profile shows across the globe.

Stay tuned for more information on Mortuary Drape.

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