Release Review: The Advent Equation – Limitless Life Reflections

The Advent Equation kick off their album by letting you know exactly how it is going to play out – Thunderous drums underneath an almost dreamlike combination of melodramatic piano and guitar riffs, topped off with a solid balance of clean and harsh vocals. The Mexican group have officially been a project since 2008, and really have time on their side to show for it. The album presents itself as tight and well thought out, there’s very little that feels like filler or fluff as the record leaves very little to desire when it comes to the song writing.

I feel I really must put emphasis on how well the whole album gels together. The music is wonderfully textured, with there being an excellent display of musical craftsmanship when it comes to combining all of the different elements together. The record combines low strung, heavy guitar riffs with spine chilling piano work over the top to create an image of a corrupted lullaby. This is even more impressive when the band manages to create this same imagery across the whole album. They manage combine clean, almost jazz like sections into their monstrously heavy ones very well, and each song flows seamlessly from riff to riff.

Although as good as it is, the album is not flawless. A lot of the songs are unmemorable, as although they are fantastic to listen to I found myself unable to recall many of the riffs when the music stopped. Many of the choruses also felt as if they were built up into nothing, with “A Glimpse of What Might Be” being a prime example of this, having a fantastic build up into a very lacklustre clean vocals and an uninteresting guitar/synth backing which leaves you wanting something more. Across the album the vocals feel very sub-par, as while the guitars and drums are varied and interesting for most of the album, vocals retain the same patterns and selection of notes across the songs. I’m not saying the vocals are bad in any way – The harsh vocals work amazingly even if the vocal patterns are a bit boring at points, it just feels as if there the clean vocals didn’t have time and thought put into them that the rest of the record had.

Overall, this is a great album. It’s very thematic, very cohesive and the groove is great. It’s a solid album and I really look forward to seeing future releases from this band, as if the difference between their last EP and this album is anything to go by, the next release by The Advent Equation will be stella.

For Fans of: Cult of Luna, Opeth, Textures
Good with: An evening contemplating life
Bad with: A hard night on the town

The Advent Equation album cover

1. Glimpse Of What May Be
2. On Darkness
3. Purification Lapse
4. A Descent Into The Unreal
5. Visions Of Pain
6. Afterlife Evolutionary
7. Hopeless
8. A Violent Motion

The Advent Equation are:
Daniel Cordoba – Guitars/Vocals
Luis Gomez – Guitars
Margil H. Vallejo – Bass/Vocals
Roberto Charles – Drums/Vocals
Esau Garcia -Synths/Keyboards

The Advent Equation band

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