Live Report: Kreator @HMV Forum, London (UK) – 28th April 2013

From the second the lights went off and the intro of “Mars Mantra” echoed in London’s HMV Forum through the PA and the band members started appearing on stage one by one, the madness began… Straight into the title track off the new album Phantom Antichrist and that pure thrashy Kreator sound blew you away.

Kreator UK 2013


The band did not disappoint and put on a show which was exactly expected of them; a classic performance filled with everything Kreator stands for: aggression and hate but in between all of those feelings was the feeling of unity between all of us and the feeling of hope, a hope for a better future like the lyrics of the track “From Flood Into Fire” demonstrated. And it’s not some nonsense aggression that Kreator stands for: the classic “Betrayer” was dedicated by frontman, Mille Petrozza, to all the politicians who lie to us. More classic tracks like “Extreme Aggression”, the newer “Violent Revolution” and latest “United in Hate” united all of us in front of (and with) the stage which allowed us to express freely our hatred to the society which makes us, the metalheads, outsiders and outlaws.

Mille and company also took us further back into their discography with the classic “Pleasure to Kill” but also even further to their debut album and the title track “Endless Pain” which although were just straight-on headbanging/moshing thrash tracks, they were also filled with catchy and memorable moments for which Kreator is famous.

The energy which the band transmits is remarkable and exceptional. You don’t see many bands like these. Some bands may have an excellent stage set up but still not be able to perform. Kreator, however, had both. They had an amazing set up (reminiscent a bit of the Maiden stage set up with the stairs at the side and the heightened drum set along with corpses standing out and smoke machines blowing up from time to time) but they also gave out a passionate performance. It was not just another concert which had to be done as part of their job, they truly love what they’re doing, they truly perform and ensure that what you just paid – the 20 pound ticket and any merchandise – was totally worth it.

As usual, a Kreator show could not go by without that track which every metalhead should know: “Flag of Hate” immediately followed by “Tormentor”. Before blasting out the track on their instruments, Mille thanked the crowd “from the bottom of his heart” and the crowd responded cheerfully…but also with hate…shouting out the word “hate” a dozen times until Mille was satisfied enough to start playing “Flag of Hate”.

Overall, a perfect performance from the legendary thrash band – not that I expect anything less from them! The Kreator has destroyed everything in its way, took no prisoners, left all the support acts envious of the power they have and wish they had. The Kreator will return!

Check out the band’s official website and Facebook.

Also on the bill were:

Hardcore-ish thrash. Lots of groove and heavy riffs.

The reunion of the “legendary” UK thrash act and as the vocalist announced: “Time to go back to 89 motherfuckers”

At the beginning the wall of sound which erupted when they started playing sounded very promising and exciting but then the repetitiveness just bore me. The sound was also not complete: Not as Xentrix before them and definitely not as Kreator after them. For some reason I do not understand why everyone in the UK loves this band…

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