Bongripper @The Star & Garter, Manchester (UK) – 21st April 2013: Photo Report by Vivien Varga

US instrumental heavy doom band Bongripper embarked on a UK tour with Humanfly and Conan in April. Recently Bongripper released a split 12″ with Conan via Holy Roar which is probably the loudest release of the year. One of their shows was held in The Star & Garter in Manchester where they were also supported by Wort and Nomad. People were already queueing for Wort, who were the first to make noise. This doom/sludge metal band local to Manchester gave us some great riffs with bleak vocals, a perfect start for the night. Nomad was next to take the stage and kept us on the strings of doom, which I quite enjoyed, I had to admit. After a quick fag with fellow metalheads I was thrown into the groove by Humanfly. These guys from Leeds know how to take you into another dimension with their atmospheric build-ups which burst into heavy groove vibes. I had a really warm and fuzzy feeling Conan instantly tore me from. From that moment on the volume became nearly unbearable. I could hardly hear my own thoughts. Fortunately it wasn’t the only thing that swept us off our feet. Just managing to pull myself together Bongripper plunged into their first deafening riffs and kept me absolutely absorbed. For those who weren’t there check out the photos of a painfully loud but insanely good night!

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All pictures courtesy of Vivien Varga.

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