Desertfest 2013, Camden London (UK) – 28th April 2013: Photo Report by Vivien

This year’s Desertfest took place in Camden, London between 26th-28th April on 4 stages at The Underworld, Electric Ballroom, The Black Heart and JazzCafe. I attended The Underworld on the third and final day of DesertFest 2013. It’s a shame I had to miss Bongripper. I would have liked to know if they could still bring the same energy and intensity as they did at The Star & Garter in Manchester a week earlier. I managed to see and take photos of most of the bands that played at The Underworld. Blackstorm, whose music is described as combining elements of drone, stoner, down-tuned sludge with classic rock and the vitality of hardcore and punk. I experienced all of the aforementioned aspects of their music and these guys from Brighton caused me no disappointment. They were followed by three barbarians from Liverpool, namely Conan. Great doom but nowhere near to be doomed to failure. The Dutch Toner Low brought some heavy psychedelic stoner riffs, which got us into the mood for Belzebong from Poland. One of the most anticipated bands to be seen live was definitely Witch Mountain with their well-executed doom riffs and classic rock vocals. Cough from Richmond, Virginia is definitely a band to be reckon with. I believe we got what we had expected from them. Heavy and slow riffs with classic occult doom vocals combined with blackened and evil shrieking of depressive ambience. Due to unfortunate circumstances my night ended here and couldn’t stay to see Bongripper. I brought you a few shots,though. Enjoy!

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